Month: October 2017

7 Benefits of Mother’s Education in Child Edu

The child’s achievements deeply link with the mother’s education. The literature indicates that a mother’s education is significant for increasing child learning outcomes. Mom is the custodian of the house. She can play a key role in creating the learning environment and learning activities at home. Governments should focus on girls education at large.  It

Top 10 Qualities of Best Teacher

High qualified and best teacher teachers are the key factors in providing the best quality education in early childhood education. Quality academic performance relates to teacher training, experience, and qualification. Governments and schools must locate sufficient funds for the training of the teachers. The teacher plays multiple roles such as observer, listener, planner, communicator, collaborator,

10 Benefits of Parental Involvement in Education?

It is well documented that effective parental involvement is necessary to improve child learning performance. Parents play a great role in maintaining and monitoring child education stander. In fact, Parent’s contribution has many positive effects on child academic success. Because of this,  school should involve the parents in child learning activities to achieve a high

How to Develop the Learning Skills

To develop the learning Skills  is one of the important purposes of early childhood  education.  There is a strong association between academic achievement and skill development.   The school policies and parent’s care strategies must focus on skill development in early childhood. Child gain strength and confidence from learning activities. The following factors play an important role to develop the learning