Month: December 2017

9 Best Activities to Develop Self Help Skills

Self-help skills provide the foundations of success in later life. Let the children involved in household chores. Encourage the children to do their own works and manage their own activities independently. Self-help skills play an important role in the development of motor skills, increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence in early childhood. Parents try to develop

7 Effective Ways to Regulate The Child Emotions

Children need attention to promotes positive emotions in early childhood.  They get frustrated, angry, happy, sad and nervous in daily life. Parents are the first effective characters who can understand and regulate their child emotions. They teach the children how they express their emotions in different situations.[1]   Child emotions regulation enhances the learning performance, well-being

5 Parental Factors to Develop Child Behaviors

Child behavior is an important part of chid education and development. It is widely recognized that Parents plays a significant role in shaping good or negative behaviors in children.  Moreover, Parent’s role also relates to high or poor child academic performance. Five maternal factors largely contribute to the development of  child positive behaviors and attitudes.  

How to Develop Social Skills in the Early Childhood

Children learn many social skills by observing their parent’s behaviors. The environment at home plays a key role in the development of social skills.  The child starts to learn social behaviors by hearing, seeing and experiences in early childhood. The development of social skills is important for improving learning performance. It also helps to improve child mental

4 Ways to Change Child Antisocial Behaviors

Antisocial behaviors includes agression, lie, voilence and anger etc.  Prosocial behaviors such as cooperation, helping and sharing are most important for the proper functioning of the society.  A child with prosocial behaviors have more ability to adjust in school and  build good peer relationship than the child who don’t have prosocial behavior. A child with