5 Tips to Design Toddler Bedroom in Montessori Style of Learning

If you plan to send your child to Montessori preschool, you should understand the philosophy behind designing a Montessori toddler bedroom and learning style.

5 tips to Design Toddler Bedroom in Montessori style
Toddler Bedroom in Montessori style

The Montessori style of learning is one of the most effective programs across the world, and the learning environment is the heart and soul of Montessori schooling. Unfortunately, many parents don’t know how to design a toddler room and classroom in Montessori style. In this way, Children enjoy learning activities in a Montessori way of learning.

How to Design  Toddler Bedroom in Montessori style

A child spent enough time in his bedroom. So parents should try to design toddler bedrooms in Montessori style, and classes should be decorated with natural elements to create a calming environment in Montessori schools. These Montessori elements play an important role in child learning when they apply in the classroom and at home. 

The child constantly tries to complete the learning task until he reaches the Montessori way of learning. These elements work effectively in the school and work out great in the toddler bedroom. Design With Calm Colors

1. Design With Calm Colors

Paint whole primary colors during the painting of the toddler’s room instead of one color. This type of paint creates a learning and calming environment for your child. The toddler’s room must be where he can remain relaxed and feel safe.

2. Allow Natural light in the Toddler bedroom

Make sure that the child’s room has a natural source of light. Install the window in the room if the toddler’s room doesn’t have any windows in it. you need to cover the windows and use curtains in natural shades.

3. Make the Low height Bed

Put the bed Low to the Ground. The child should be able to independently get in and out of his bed. Place the bed in a reachable place. Teach your child how to make the bed in the evening when he wants to go to sleep and how to make a bed in the morning when he wakes up. This activity helps the children to develop self-help skills in early childhood

5. Make Everything Accessible

Set everything in the toddler’s room in a reachable place. The child must get out and put away everything available in the room. Put short shelves around their room where all the toys and necessary things can be stored inside the shelves. Put the baskets on that place where the child can use it easily.

Install a bookshelf according to the child’s level and make sure that the child can pick out and read books independently. Respect the child’s selection during the buying the books. Set up a special area in the child’s room where a child does his art activities and can hang or display his artwork. Place a shirt/coat hanger near the door at the child’s height to put his coat.

5. Elements of Responsibility in the Room

Provide the child-size brush and dustpan for sweeping up the room floor. Parents try to develop this skill in early childhood. Provide the opportunities to clean the toys independently and appropriately put them.

In conclusion:

  1. Design the toddler room with Montessori style before sending your child to Montessori preschool.
  2. Keep everything simple, and they should be matched with the child’s level and interest.
  3. Don’t try to overwhelm the room with toys.
  4. Make sure that everything has its perfect place.

These tips help the children to increase the academic and conceptual performance at school and at home as well.

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