Why phonics is important: Top 10 Easy Abc Songs for Kids

Learning through abc songs is the most effective way to teach kids across the world. Phonic is an important way to teach the kids about phonics of the alphabet which helps them learn to read and write.

Abc Songs for kids
Abc Songs for Kids

The phonic songs are the organization and representation of sounds of alphabets in rhythms and rhymes for learning of abc letters sound. When a kid listens to the rhyming words then it will help him/her in catching with the sounds and the music in abc phonic songs increase the interest of kids.

What is phonics?

Phonics is the sound of writing letters that are used to teach the kids about words and their pronunciations. It is a fun activity that can be engaging for children and they learn the sounds of alphabets easily.

Why phonics is Important?

Abc song is an important aspect of learning the sounds of the alphabet. Through abc phonic songs, the kid not only enjoys the process of learning but can learn the sounds of letters. It will give a long-lasting effect on the mind of a kid because of an upbeat melody.

These types of sounds or music are memorable for kids. The phonics alphabet song also clears the voice and words of the kids as they repeat the song and sounds again and again.
Abc phonics song helps a child to learn and this learning can even improve the school performance of a kid which will be beneficial for his/her future. Also, the kid learns to follow the flow which gives him/her a sense of confidence and belief and he/she will try more to pronounce the words.

Benefits of abc phonics song

1. Learn to read

Phonics learning through sounds of the letter with the pictures attached can help a child in reading a word. This may easily fit in his/her memory and easy to recognize the words and their pronunciation.

Furthermore, face obstacles when they try to read anything. The reason behind this is that they don’t know the exact sounds of the letters. So, through abc phonics songs they learn the sounds and can read with fluency.

2. Spells Correctly

Learning through abc phonics song leads a child towards recognition of all the alphabets so it is convenient for a child to write the correct spellings of a word. Otherwise, if they don’t know the sounds of the alphabet correctly they may confuse while writing it.

3. Phonics develop more confidence

The rhyming and rhythmic style of letter-sound songs are easy to follow and learn. This will make a child confident that he/she is pronouncing like an adult. The confidence which they gain while pronouncing correctly makes them more vocal.

4. Easy to remember

Alphabets through phonic songs are easy to remember for children. They just go with the flow of music and rhythm which helps them to learn the alphabets by heart also.

Types of Phonics

1. Embedded phonics
2. Analytical Phonics
3. Analogy Phonics
4. Synthetic Phonics

1. Embedded Phonics

This way of phonics is learning to read as the main focus of embedded phonics is towards the meaning that what we have read. In this session, very limited words are taught.

2. Analytical Phonics

Analytical phonics is to learn letter-sound relationships. In this, the kid has to recognize the common sounds in different words of the same phoneme. But, in this, the kids didn’t get proper phonemic awareness of different words.

3.Analogy Phonics

The analogy phonics required the students to learn unfamiliar words. In this, kids learn the onsets and rimes. The onsets are the basic alphabets why the rimes are the other part For Example in DOG, we can say that D Is onset while OG is rime. These phonics required some memorization.

4. Synthetic Phonics

The synthetic phonics is the method in which the sounds of the letters are being taught and then after that, the pronunciation of a whole word is taught. This is also called as blended phonics.

Why abc phonics song is obligatory for kids?

  • Phonics are the basics of child education. This is considered the first thing when a child starts to read because, without phonics, a child can’t be able to read and write. Mostly, it is seen that many children struggle and face difficulty in reading.
  • The inefficiency in phonics can be a big obstacle in the future life of a child because, without recognition and proper pronunciation of alphabets, a child may find it difficult to understand the meaning of written letters or words.
  • Moreover, the inability to read with fluency is also a part of child education which is possible only by learning phonics or phonic songs.
  • The feeling of not being able to read can lower the self-esteem and self-confidence of a child which can affect his/her communication or conversation and even they can show some challenging behavior.
  • The phonics also plays a major role in further school progress as if the kids have a good start in starting few years of his/her age then it can be more convenient for them to perform well.

 Top 10  Easy Abc Song for Kids

Here are some abc phonics songs. These phonics alphabet songs help the kids to learn the alphabet and their sounds more clearly. When the kids visually see the colorful graphics, their interest will develop and they found the learning attractive. The following are the top 10 abc songs for kids:

In conclusion: The melody and music make these alphabetic songs more memorable for kids. These songs are considered the most effective way to teach phonics to kids. Kids will learn through these songs in a fun way.