10 Best Animal Stories For Kids With Moral Values

Reading animal moral stories enhances speaking skills and develops a sense of creativity in your Kids. Kids get excited about animals, whether it’s the pigeons in the park, a little turtle, or even the fish in the aquarium, especially with animals that can interact like dogs and kittens.

Best Animal Stories for Kids
Animal Stories for Kids

We usually learn something through readily available approaches, and one of the most acceptable means of learning is the whole story. Storytelling is a quite exciting and imaginative activity for children. It is the best source that passes on culture and traditions to the children of the new generation.

These stories often help us instill in our children the moral teachings and boost readingwriting, and creativity skills. The knowledge we impart to our children is one of the most important tasks we parents have to do.

10 Best Animal Stories For Kids 

Here are 10 best stories about animals and birds, along with their moral lesson that will help build your child’s moral character

1. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 

It is a timeless tale of a wolf disguised himself as a representative of a flock of sheep to fool other sheep by wearing sheepskin. There is an important lesson in this story that each of us must learn something at some point in our lives.

Moral Values

Appearances can be confusing. So never judge a book by its cover

2. Rabbits and Tortoise

Do not despise or despise any work, make sure to look at the work without exaggerating your ego. Sometimes even a slow pace and patience are considered the best in facing tough competition. The pet story which teaches this moral lesson is the rabbits and tortoises.

One of the fastest and slowest creatures globally, this best story about the race between two animals has been a viral story for many generations for ages.

Moral value

Do not despise or despise any work

3.Thirsty Crow  

Try to use whatever is around you wisely to solve any problem and surely achieve your dreams and goals because nothing is impossible in the world.

Thirsty crow is a famous animal story to develop a sense of determination. It’s a story we all hear at some point as we get older, and It’s the story of a thirsty crow’s never-ending hopelessness. There is a description of him flying in the form of a happy bird in his open blue courtyard.

Moral value

Never give up hope at the first sign of adversity.

4. Grapes are Sour 

It is the story of a thirsty, hungry fox and many grapes that he tried hard to reach. – With this consolation, he immediately stopped all his efforts and gave up hope of getting it. And his appetite remained unsatisfied.

Moral values

Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence.

5.Two goats

There was a small creek on which a tree had fallen. A goat decided to cross the stream by walking on the tree. There was no one on which they could cross each other together. And they were very proud and steadfast in crossing each other. They prepared their horns and began to push each other with great force. The branch broke, and the two goats fell into the creek.

Moral values

It may be good to talk about doing something, and it will be good until the work is done.

6.Bell Around the Cat’s Neck

It is a story about a rat family and their fear of the cat, the ruler of that house. After a lengthy discussion, possible solutions were confirmed, including an hour for the cat, taken as a warning of the cat’s arrival.

Moral value

It may be good to talk about doing something, and it will be good until the work is done.

7.Two Cats and a Monkey

It’s a story of two cats arguing over a cake. A monkey noticed everything from a distance and wanted to help them solve their problem by dividing the cake evenly. After splitting the cake in half, he said: The two pieces of cake were not evenly divided. Then he bit the big piece of cake to make them equal again. This time the other piece became bigger than the piece he had bitten. The cake is over.

Moral value

When we fight among ourselves, others from outside take advantage of it.

8. Ugly Duckling

This beautiful story is about a goose cub who realizes that all his brothers and sisters and even his friends are more beautiful than him. In a secluded part of the lake, he wrapped himself in grief. Several days later, as several migratory birds flew over his head, he was told that he had become a magnificent swan.

Moral value 

Everyone is beautiful in their own right, even if they do not conform to the norms set by the world around them.

9.The Monkey and The Dolphin

An interesting animal story about dolphin and monkey, deliver a very lesson be careful about what your claim. In this story, a dolphin saves a monkey in a storm and carries the monkey to an island. When they reach the island dolphin, he asks the monkey if he is well aware of the island, and the monkey says proudly that he does know about the island and starts boasting that he is the prince of the island. The dolphin leaves the monkey on the island and swims away. Then the monkey finds himself alone on the island.


Always be careful about what you are saying. Never boast as it is not a good habit, and you have to face the consequences.

10. Cattle hour

Another important moral value you can teach to your kids that “We should never allow greed to enter our thoughts” with the help of an animal story called the Cattle hour. In this story, Nasir looked after his father’s cows, each with a beautiful watch tied around his neck.

One day a stranger came and offered to buy the most beautiful cow’s watch at a very good price. Nasir agreed and sold the watch to him, but he could say no more. Not where the cow went. The stranger was waiting for Nasir to lose the cow and take the opportunity to steal it. Nasir goes home crying where his father is very angry with him.

Moral values 

should never allow greed to enter our thoughts

In conclusion: Animal stories are a key element of a child’s life because it helps them develop a strong moral character and gradually inculcate their qualities. It is said that a child’s mind is highly sensitive and has values. They will stay in them for the rest of their lives.

Keep a handful of resources for children’s activities that will include beautiful animal stories throughout and inculcate their good values and ethics ​​in your kids by reading funny stories in front of them.

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