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Bedtime stories for kids play an important role in learning different aspects of lives and serve as the source of interest and amusement. Mothers and grandmothers use small rhyming stories as lullabies for the infants and use stories for the character building of the children.

Bedtime stories for kids

Bedtime Stories for Kids

In ancient times, only parents or grandparents told bedtime stories to the kids, but in the modern world, there are also many other sources for this purpose. Kids can hear bedtime stories through various electronic devices such as televisions, laptops, electronic broadcasters, smartphones, etc.


Bedtime stories possess many benefits for the kids such as:

  1.  Provide play and amusements 
  2. Kids learn moral lessons through bedtime stories 
  3. Bedtime stories help in building up the characters of the kids 

Top 10 Bedtime Stories for Kids 

Here we enlist some best bedtime stories for the kids and stories’ selection aims at popularity level, moral status, and interesting elements. These are the best bedtime stories to read and you can read them at full length from the reference sites.

 1.  The Elephants and The Mice

Written by: Team Tell a Tale

Concise Description: It is a fine and interesting story for kids. The story takes its origin from a city of beautiful houses and temples. There is a clean lake nearby the city. With an increase in the human population, the lake water becomes dirty. The elephants decide to leave the city for a clean environment and the mice follow the elephants. It is a trendy animated story.

2. The Dog and The Elephant 

Written by: Bertie and Elizabeth

Concise Description: It is a famous child loving story. The elephant lives in a pompous style in the ownership of a landlord. There comes a dog in the house. Then the dog and the elephant become good friends. One day the owner gives away the dog. The elephant becomes sick in the separation of the dog. It is a fine animated tale for the kids.

3. The Lonely Snowman

Written by: 5 Minute Story Team

Concise Description: The story is about a stuck winter city. There lives a snowman. He ever remains in loneliness and keeps no friends or relatives. The winter days increase his sadness for being alone. and this situation motivates him to think for nears and dears. It is the most-watched story for the kids.

 4. The Moon Rabbit 

Author: Team Tell a Tale

Concise Description: It is Japanese folklore. The story has myths of old culture and traditions. A rabbit arranges charity on full moon night and a monkey, an otter, and a jackal, to hide rabbit from human beings, the moon takes away the rabbit. The dark shades on the ridges of the moon are the moon rabbits. It is a famous story among children of all ages.

5. The Musical Donkey  

Written by: Team Tell a Tale

Concise Description: Kids love this story to listen or watch. It is available in multiple animated versions. The story is about a village washerman and his donkey. At night the washerman sets the donkey free in the fields. There the donkey meets a jackal and they both become friends. They join every night for the delicious foods. This turns the donkey into a musical creature.

6. The King’s Magic Drum 

Written by: World Tales Team

Concise Description: An African king had a magic drum with him. All the people and the animals were fond of the drum beats. Even the wild beast came around the palace to enjoy themselves of the magical drum. It was a pleasure for the king to call everyone on beating the drum. There were many fantastic and funny things about the magic drum. It is a good ancient story for the kids in words as well as in animated formats.

 7. The Cat’s Day Out  

Written by: Team Tell a Tale

Concise Description: Kids will like this story to their heart. It is an  k story with immense trains of fun and joy. The cat lived in a beautiful village house. During a summer day, the sun was shining brightly outside. The cat went out to enjoy the weather. She met a sheep on the road. They started driving towards the market.

8. The Wind and The Sun 

Written by: Kidsgen Story Team

Concise Description: It is a fine moral story for the kids to read and watch in animated and written forms. Once there was an argument between the wind and the sun. They argued for a long time but no become the winner. They challenged one another to wear out the coat from the back of a man. The wind hardened its gusts and the sun intensified its sunshine to win the challenge.

9. The Mice That Ate Iron  

Written by: Panchatantra Story Team

Concise Description: This bedtime story is about a rich man. He had a business of iron bars and lost his business due to the disappearance of the iron bars in plenty. He could not find any reason behind the huge loss and left the place and went to another city to try the business again. One night he happened to enter the shop. He spotted mice galloping the iron bars. It is an exciting kids’ story that you can also watch in animated format.

10. The Four Friend and the Hunter  

Written by: Team Tell a Tale

Concise Description: It is a joyful tale for children of all ages and it has many versions in written and animated formats. It is a story of four friends who lived in a forest, and they were dear, a mouse, a crow, and a tortoise. One day there appeared a hunter. The dear disguised itself in the bushes. The crow flew to a tree to hide in the dense leaves, and the mouse ran into a nearby hole. The tortoise could not run to escape itself.

Top 15 Best Bedtime Story Books 

Here we enlist the most popular and the best bedtime storybooks. These books have stories which children like and love to read. A short sketch of the best fifteen storybooks is given in the following lines. Here we write names of the storybooks along with the authors. Kids or parents can have the books for bedtime readings from the traditional resources.

5 Best Bedtime Story Books for Toddlers

2. Good Moon Night

Author: Margret Wise Brown

3. The Going to Bed Book

Author: Sandra Boynton

4. A Book of Sleep

Author: Il Sung Na

5. Llama, Llama Red Pajama

Author: Anna Dewdney

6. Little Owl’s Night

Author: Divya Srinivasan

 5 Best Bedtime Story Books for Preschoolers

1.Blanche Hates the Night

Author: Christelle Morelli

2. Good Night Planet

Author: Liniers

3. Stories of the Nigh

Author: Kitty Crowther

4. In the Nigh Kitchen

Author: Maurice Sendak

6. A Big Moon Cake for Little Star

Author: Grace Lin

Five Brilliant Bedtime Story Books for Kids

1.Goodnight Spaceman

Author: Michelle Robinson

2. Moomin and the Wishing Star

Author: Tove Janson

3. We are All Wonders

Author: R J Palacio

4. Daddy I Can’t Sleep

Author: Alan Durant

5. How to Tuck in Your Sleepy Lion

Author: Jane Clarke

In Conclusion: To read or hear bedtime stories is a popular trend among children. The kids broaden their imagination and learn their lessons. Each of the best bedtime stories has three subheadings.

The author here means the original author of the bedtime story who created it for the first time. The source site guides the parents and the kids to trace the full story. At last, each of the top ten best stories has its concise description. It provides you with a short sketch and theme of the bedtime story. 

These stories have multiple objectives to read or hear. These stories are a source of joy for the kids. Then they learn moral lessons from the concerning themes. And further on, kids become familiar with the context, structure, and social concepts of the bedtime stories. This article will help you in finding and reading the best kids bedtime stories.