Top 10 Best Online Learning Tools For Students

Online learning tools comprise the sites and internet programs that facilitate the learning process for students The method of online learning relies on several factors. Thus the article covers important online learning tools.

Online Learning Tools for Students
Online Learning Tools for Students

History of Online Education

The history of online teaching started in the early years of the 1980s. Online learning tools came into use just with the invention of the computer.

The initial procedures were Computer Conferencing or Computer Communication. Through computer technology, the user could communicate at any time, because messages from all participants are centrally stored, and the note was ordered, and these were easily accessible on demand.

One of the first institutions to offer teaching through computer conferencing was the New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA. Start using specially designed computer conferencing software called ‘Virtual Classroom’ between 1985 and 1987. One of the first institutions to use online learning for students entirely far from campus was the British Open University.

In 1988, it offered DT200, ‘An Introduction to Information Technology: Social and technological Issues’, to over 1,500 students. With these early developments, a flow of information came up with online uses. By then, online learning tools are considered a necessary way of learning in and out of classrooms.

Top 10 Best Online Learning Tools for Students

1. Youtube

Youtube is a popular video-sharing platform. And a famous become an eLearning tool for students. You can find hundreds of online lecturers and sources in a video format to explain any difficult topics such as mates, science, language, history, and art. You can watch hundreds of lectures without paying any charge.

Students can ask the question in the commenting section. There are thousands of kids’ games, rhythms, stories, fun activities, and cartoon animation movies. There are other video sharing platforms which are discussed below:

2. Online Books 

Books are useful learning materials for online education and there are many free websites to download books. The following is the best list of websites to download books for Free.

3. Scribble

This is such an online tool that is within everybody’s reach. It helps the students to share notes, compare ideas, and collectively work on the learning projects. It opens fields of sharing resources of knowledge for the students.

4. A.nnotate

A.nnotate provides much ease in acquiring the desired knowledge. This internet tool has vast choices for learners on the internet resources. The knowledge components are presented in the best understandable forms and features. This is a tool for handling complicated things in an easy format.

5. Prezi

Prezi is a creativity-based tool for online learning. It acts with easy but attractive presentations. The charts and animations guide the learners to learn on their own. Students produce new and strange acts or arts. This is an excellent way to learn with fun.


It is a useful online learning tool while doing projects together. It helps in designing and producing new and better projects. Projects are created in cooperation with online learning capabilities.

7. Video

It is an online tool for learning through sharing videos in a group. The students learn to create a social environment of study in cooperation. This online tool traces the standard courses of research among the students to help them learn a lot.

8. Dropbox

This is the best online site full of essential learning tools. It enables a user to share files with ease and speed. It provides universal folders where the students can upload their learning stuff.

9. Speek

Speek is a unique online learning tool/app for study conferences. And Group conversation. It is an extraordinary calling app to help learners in understanding mutual misconceptions.


This is a unique online tool for teaching responsibilities to the students. It brings new plans and procedures to the learners to make the world cleaner and safer. It prepares learners to cope with the future responsibilities of life. It is a vast scope of real concerns.

11. Dipity

It is a great online tool for learning. It instructs that what things happen and how they happen?  and it is much helpful in the social sciences. It allows the students to add in videos, photos, texts, artworks, and reality shows. The timeline techniques on this online tool are worthy of handling.

Top Website to Download Videos Free

Following is a detailed listing of top Educational video websites/apps:

Best Online Learning Strategies For Students

Online learning strategies and the environment of online education are different from traditional methods of learning within the class. Modern technology has changed the way of learning. How do you learn online is a crucial question. If you want to become a good online student, you must have fast and effective online learning abilities. There are some helpful ideas and tips that may support the students in learning fast and effectively in online education.

1. Making Notes Comprehensively 

Making delicate notes from textbooks or videos is a vital task for online students. Note-taking ability is one of the essential skills acquired by online students.

Effective learning is not just involved in reading, but it also affects how to employ it. It will help if you make practical strategies to make notes in some appropriate ways. Then you need to review them and focus on your objectives.

2. Join Online Forums 

Online forums are the easiest way to learn and share online knowledge. On these forums, you can ask any question about your problem and the experts on the platform will reply to you to solve your problem. You can also start a discussion according to your subject of interest.

You can also raise your ideas, and other members on the forums help you explore a particular concept and share their expert opinions with you. The online platform helps to build a strong relationship with experts, and you can ask the questions directly. This truly educates you online.

3. Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most effective ways of learning online nowadays. After reading and understanding the topic, create a blog, and write your ideas. Attempt to register and post your work online, and other people find your work, and They start to help you through commenting regarding your subject. This helps to increase knowledge.

4. Refresh your Mind and Body

Refresh your mind and relax your body while the online learning process. Try to exercise regularly. Don’t’ take the pressure off your work. Take rest when you feel tired or bored. Learning is a process that needs a learning environment. Don’t force your mind and body to learn.

So, Modern technology has changed the way of education and communication in the 21st century. Now your smartphone has become your teacher, school, textbook, and library at the same time. It is the time to learn or teach the techniques and strategies which become easy for students to get online education in fast, effective ways.

Online Distance Learning  Resources

Online learning tools are relatively easily and frequently used in distance learning. Distance learning can easily be had through online learning tools. The use of these tools spreads so fast in advanced countries. With the ease and access of the internet, now the use of these online tools has come into customs in poor countries also.

Although online learning was a learning process for the rich in the past, it is also in the poor’s approach. Sometimes, poor students can learn through these tools so quickly in distance education than face-to-face classroom studies. Access remains a critical criterion for choosing technologies for distance education. The suitability of online learning will depend very much on the groups being targeted for distance education.

Online Educational Resources

It is the period of the internet. Nowadays, every tip of information can be located or find on internet resources. All great books and even the great libraries of the world can be accessed online. This has made the use of internet sources so easy and multipurpose. Science, artwork, social sciences, geography, number sciences, and computer programming, etc. are all times available instantly. The new generation has a wide scope to the hub of online resources.

Online learning resources can be so easily used by online learning tools. The grip and availability of online learning tools make students capable of proficiency and wise. Wisdom gets rapid progress when solutions to all the educational problems are reached so easily. The easiness and frequency of getting knowledge multiply with the use of online learning tools. These tools are the blessings of the modern world for the students.

 Quality Orientation

Quality is the most demanded aspect of education and learning all over the world. Quality comes with the capacity of knowledge. The capacity of gaining knowledge increases with the use of academic resources. In turn, these academic resources are easily reached by online learning tools. The continuous use of internet resources interacts fast learning process.

Almost all the factors of quality education can be had through the use of online learning tools. These tools increase practices. Students can share their knowledge through these tools.

These tools give them an opportunity to cooperate and solve mutual difficulties in learning. More of this, online learning tools help out the learners to get the best life skills. Thus proficiency, wisdom, and practicality ensure quality in education.

In Conclusion: Online learning tools are a need for distance education as an important development of internet technology. Some forms of face-to-face learning also employ online learning tools for quality education. With these tools, distance education with quality is aimed at the masses. These are so supportive in traditional forms of education.

Perhaps more importantly, there is a strong link between online learning, new ways of thinking and learning, and knowledge-based informatics. The internet-based knowledge grows and becomes more important, there will ever remain the need for an effective and modern online education system with quality scopes.

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