Top 10 Best Camping Activities for kids

Going on camping with kids is a great idea, but the question is, how to create activities  to keep your kids active and entertained all the time at camping? Don’t worry; here is a quick guide for you about How kids learn through camping activities and what are the Top 10 camping activities for kids.

Top 10 Awesome Camping Activities For Kids

These 10  kids camping activities that  kids to boost up their self-esteem  and confidence of your kids.

1. Camping Cooking 

Camping Activities for Kids
Camping Activities for Kids

Camping cooking is a fantastic activity for kids, so let them help you in preparing meals without stressing and fussing with them. There are many easy and basic camping meals for kids to make, like roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, making fruit salads, sandwiches, etc.

Outdoor fun cooking is a interesting activity, and it is an excellent method to encourage your kids to think creatively. This activity will help your kids to increase their confidence and self-sufficiency. You will be surprised at how much they learn through this activity and how proud they are of their work.

2. Hiking

If you are on camping, then hiking is one of the best camping activities for kids because it allows them to discover new locations and to see new experiences. They will learn more about nature and observe new creatures around them. Moreover, it is also a good exercise along with fun activities. But before going on hiking, don’t forget to take a water bottle and some snacks with yourself.

3. Campfire

Camping is incomplete without a campfire. Kids will enjoy helping to collect wood for the fire as well as simply watching it burn. Moreover, it is an important life skill to learn. It is the ideal activity of an early age because sticks or woods are readily available, and it is easy for them to find out so they will feel excited and creative at the same time. Keep your kids safe by creating 3 to 5 feet wide zone around the campfire and instruct them not to cross over the line.

4. Rock art

Kids always want some fun and craft activities to do. For this, Rock art or painting is one of the favorite fun camp activities for kids. First of all, ask them to find different types of small rocks and then motivate them to decorate their rocks with bright colors. This activity will keep them busy and also helps to enhance their creativity skills. Through this activity, they will showcase their hidden painting skills and they will also gain more confidence to make different creative looks. After this, kids can use these rocks as decoration pieces and can gift them to each other.

5. Play games

You can play a lot of games activities with your kids to keep them entertained while camping. You can play and enjoy your favorite board games like ludo or monopoly with your kids and teach them how to play cards. Kids can also play charades, hide and seek, tug of war, capture the flags, etc. Try to play alphabetic games with them, like ask them to find natural objects starting with given alphabets. These activities will help them to learn, and they will enjoy it at the same time.

6. Scavenger Hunts

This is one of the best kids camping activities of all ages. In these types of hunts, kids have to search for certain items around the campsite, such as a specific size leaf or a stick with a particular form, different types of flowers and plants, a bug, or other small creature. It is a great fun activity to encourage your kids to explore new things around them.

7. Stargazing

Stargazing is an amazing activity for kids to learn about astronomy. Kids will love to spend the night at camps, looking up at the beautiful sky. Laying in the dark with your kids and appreciating the stars and moon may be a wonderful experience that allows you to bond with them while also teaching them about more different things about the sky and nature.

8 . Storytelling

A camping trip would be incomplete without telling stories over the campfire. Kids love to listen and tell different types of stories of their favorite characters. Allow every kid to tell their stories to everyone and create a new one on their own. Through this activity, kids will bring out a lot of new things from their imaginations, and this will improve their thinking ability. Moreover, Tell them some good moral stories by which they can learn a great lesson.

9. Host the Olympics at camp

This can turn into the most unique and fun having activity for kids at camp. In this Olympic activity, you can add different types of games and sports like Football, volleyball, frisbee, racing, and various athletic competitions. Make a team of kids and let them compete with each other in games. Don’t forget to reward the winning team at the end. This activity will make them happy, build up their confidence, and learn how to compete with their opponent in further life.

10. Music and songs

If your kids are getting bored and tired, then playing music and songs is great fun for them. This will help to boost up their mood, and they will surely enjoy it. Plus, It’s an excellent technique to keep your children occupied while you’re cooking or doing other work. There are a lot of camping songs which you can sing along with your kids. So don’t forget to take Bluetooth speakers or a guitar with yourself.


Above, we have briefly discussed about the top 10 camping activities for kids. You can make changes and adaptations to any of the activities according to your kids and needs. All these activities will give you some fantastic camping memories, and your kids will surely enjoy them a lot. So don’t forget to do all these fun activities during camping with kids.

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