Top 10 Cognitive Development Activities for Preschoolers

Cognitive development activities enable preschoolers to think, explore, and figure out things and provide the foundation for a successful life. It.  Babies in their early years learn more, and it gives a long-lasting effect on them.

Cognitive Development Activities for Prescoolers
Cognitive Development Activities for Preschoolers

So, parents should find out cognitive development activities to improve their children’s cognitive development. Cognitive development is the child’s conceptual and perceptual skill development. In simple words, it means that how a little one figure out or explore different things. Furthermore, it is the construction of brain processing in problem-solving, remembering, or decision-making terms.

Child  Cognitive Development Stages

Piaget’s theory says that kids go through four stages of development. It focuses on the children acquiring knowledge as well as intellectual understanding. The cognitive development stages have their characteristics according to the age of a child. These four stages are:

1. Sensorimotor stage

In the sensorimotor stage, changes regarding development and characteristics occur. It starts with birth and ends at two years. The infant feels the movements and sensations around him/her and knows the World. They perceive that their actions matter and can bring change around them. They acquire knowledge in the early years through sensory experience.

2. Preoperational stage

The preoperational stage starts at two years and ends at seven years of age. The child learns the symbols and presents his/her thoughts in the form of words or pictures. They struggle to see things from different perspectives too. The preoperational stage is also the foundation of language.

3. Concrete operational stage

The concrete operational stage is the beginning of logical thinking. It starts at seven years and ends at eleven years. They think logically and in an organized way. They became clear that how others see a situation. Furthermore, kids learn that they might have different thoughts and perspectives than others.

4. Formal Operational stage

The formal operational stage is the young adult stage from 12 to up years. They think about hypothetical problems. They turn more towards social, ethical, and moral issues. It is the final stage of cognitive development thus there is an increase in logical thinking.

Top 10  Cognitive Development  Activities for Preschoolers

Now, there is only one question that, how to improve cognitive development? Here are the 10 best cognitive development for preschoolers. These will help a child in thinking and perception.

1. Identify sounds

Identify sounds is a fun activity for your little one. You need to focus on every sound or noise he/she hears all day. Try to make those sounds and tell your kid that this sound is from this bird or animals etc. Do it in a fun and engaging way for the attention of kids. With time, they will begin to learn what sound relates to which object.

2. Identify shapes and colors

Shapes and colors matter a lot in daily routine. We can say that it is the foundation of cognitive development in kids. They can differentiate among things if they know those shapes and colors. For this, identify shapes and colors during the day when you interact with your kids.

For example, take a ball and tell him/her that “It is round and in red color” etc. Then, ask him/her to describe the objects also. Slowly the kid will learn about these things.

3. Visit different places

Take your kids to different and interesting places like the museum etc. It will arouse their curiosity about things, and they will love to know about all things. Ask different questions about those things when your kid shares his/her experience. The adventure will give them a learning experience and improve their cognitive skills.

4. Ask their choice

Mostly, parents think that their kid is too young to make choice. But no, this is not true. Ask about their choice is the best way to encourage decision-making in your child.

Try to ask about their choices in their daily routine. For example, ask about the dress and give them a choice which one you want to wear. Or, you can also offer a choice in food, etc. It will help the kid in feeling confident and spending an independent life.

5. Sing-along with toddlers

Do sing-alongs with your toddler. Play some rhyming poems or songs and sing with that. You can add some cute steps to engage your little one. When you repeat the song several times, the kid will also recognize the wording. Furthermore, the rhyming in the songs makes it easy for kids to repeat a little bit. It is the best activity for memory skills and word recognition.

6. Practice alphabets

Try to practice alphabets during the play with your kid. You can play alphabet songs or can give your kid an alphabet puzzle. It will help them in observation, problem-solving and critical thinking.

7. Play with the remote

Toys with buttons are best for kid’s motor and cognitive skill development. Make sure to put out the batteries. Allow your kid to play with the remote. They will find it interesting. They will press the buttons or use their imagination which is good for dexterity development.

8. Match the pot and lid

Take out your pots and lids or any plastic crockery for this purpose. Give it to your child and tell the little one to put the correct lid on the pots. He/she will focus and try to connect the correct ones. It is the best activity to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills in your little ones.

9. Ask random questions

Ask simple questions to your kid at random intervals. For example, what do you want for dinner? What is the sound of the cat? Etc. You can do it throughout the day. It is the best activity for the critical thinking of the kid. Also, it will improve their answering ability. It can also be called an unexpected cognitive activity.

10. Practice counting

Do little math activities with your kid. Try to practice counting. For example, count the stairs while walking downstairs or going upstairs with your kid. You can also count different things with the little one.

It will help in the improvement in counting. Also, it helps the kid in exploring things like he/she will try to count everything, and in this process, explore new things.

In conclusion: From the word “cognitive development”, you find it complicated. But it is not right. Simple and entertaining activities can improve the child cognitive development of your little ones.  These Child cognitive development strategies will firmly help you in the improvement of the cognitive development of your kids.

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