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As it is known that Covid-19 is transmitting from one person to another. So, it is not safe for children to go outside the home and play with other children. The children are bored at home and you are looking for fun things to do with kids.  So, the following are the top 10  fun things to do at home for kids, and their safety is also assured.

Fun Things to Do at Home for Kids

Fun Things to Do at Home for Kids

Benefits of playing with kids

When you play with your kids, they become frank with you. one of the best benefits to do fun with your kids is that they consider you as your friend and share their problems with you, instead of sharing it with other children of their age.

On the other hand, your experience in your life will help you to guide them properly, and they will be protected from the bad company also. Playing with children also helps you to understand the nature of your child, and you will know how to deal with them properly.

Playing different games also hones their senses. They can gain different skills by playing games like by playing hide and seek they will be able to improve their sense of hearing .these benefits shows that why fun is important for kids.

Top 10 fun things to do with kids at home

You can play with your kids in many different ways but these are the top 10  fun things to do with  kids  The top 10 things that you can do for children at home to entertain them are:

1.Card Games

To entertain children we should know what to play with them. Most children nowadays like to play different games. The best game in all the children’s view is Monopoly, and of course, you are also going to enjoy this game. This will be a brain game. As some children also like to play physical games. There are several physical games that you can play in your small gardens like football and basketball.

2. Sketching and painting:

Many children enjoy drawing sketches and many enjoy painting them. Help them to draw sketches of different animals. Then provide them will paints and brushes and they will start painting according to the color they like. Don’t try to interrupt or guide them. Just do what they want to do. If you will start to interrupt children they are not going to enjoy.

3. Gardening:

Every child wants to play with mud, but parents don’t like it. Parents can make a small garden in their backyard and allow their children to plant some flowers. In this way, a child will also develop new skills which may help him in his/her future. Planting seeds and growing new plants will also develop a love for nature in them. As plants need to be watered every morning this will make your child even more responsible.

4. Play hide-and-seek

Hide and seek is a very good game for children. Not only they enjoy it and they are also improving their sense of hearing. It gives chance to children so they can improve their listening abilities. To find another guy they need to hear very carefully and have to distinguish their voices and it hones their senses.

5.  Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt is a very unique game. It is inexpensive and easy. It could be played using things that already present at home. In gardening and other sports activity, you have to take a look at the weather. But this game can be played independently of the weather. There are different types of scavenger like a winter scavenger hunt, Changing season scavenger hunt, Zoo scavenger hunt, and Football scavenger hunt.

6. Freeze dance

Who does not loves dancing? Dancing is liked by everyone it may be an adult, a child or an old person as well. Freeze dance is played by many people in different parts of the world. All you have to do is turn on your favorite song and start dancing until anyone of you turns the song off. When the song is turned off, all you have to do is not to move until you are the only one, which has not moved yet. It is one of the most famous games and spreads smiles everywhere.

7. Spud

It is a game, which is similar to freeze dance. In this game, you have to pass the ball to the person sitting next to you and do so until the music stops. The person, who has the ball in his/her hand, will be eliminated and the person who stands last will win this game.

8. Listening game

In this game, any person will collect a few things from the house, and strike every object against a hard surface. All the people should hear the voice carefully. Next, ask a child to cover his/her eyes, next, make a sound with that object and ask the child to listen to it and predict the object.

9. Simon says

This game will never get old. In this game, anyone becomes Simon (Maybe a parent for the first time). The rest of the players will gather in line in front of Simon. Simon will say the phrase Simon says and will do any action. The child in front of him will copy him. There are many ways through which Simon can trap children. Sometimes he will do the action without saying the phrase Simon says and there are many more ways through which Simon can trap children. The last one standing wins and becomes next Simon.

10. What’s on my butt?

Lie comfy on the sofa with your belly against the seat of the sofa and ask your child to bring anything from the house and ask him/her to put it on your back. Guess anything that comes into your mind. Don’t be shy to make funny sounds and it will be a great game.


Fun is very important for children as it reduces the risk of many diseases like childhood obesity. It builds emotional intelligence in kids. Play is important for healthy mind development. A famous phrase is   “ A healthy body has a healthy mind.” It is because of physical games that kids at early age interact with their environment and learn different lessons.

Fun things to do at home for kids are important to enhance their intellectual as well as physical skills. The lessons that a kid learns through practical life parents or teachers cannot teach them at home or classroom.