Top 10 Best Funny Stories for kids

Funny stories are not the only source of entertainment for kids but they play an important role in character building and make them imaginative. Some of our best childhood days were when our grandmothers used to tell us a perfect and funny story before bedtime.

Funny Stories for Kids
Funny Stories for Kids

It would help if you had to do the same for your child before bedtime to create fun memories. When your child will look back on, and remember with warmth.

Importance of funny stories:

Funny stories have great importance because; kids at this age are also developing a more definite understanding of humor. They also can use humor or criticism to handle opposing situations using humor.

Telling funny stories is never early to start developing a child’s understanding of joyfulness. Kids’ laughs and smiles are so pleased that we often do this many times a day to hear their laugh.

One of the benefits of funny stories is to provide encouragement. When you are humorous with your kids, enjoying silliness, and laugh, you help them to develop a spirited and funny approach in their life.

Top 10 Best Funny Stories for Kids

The following are the 10 best funny stories that motivate your child to do something better kids and as well as create humor.

1. The Monkey and crocodile

Once upon a time, there was a monkey. He lived on a berry tree near the banks of the river. One day, a crocodile there. The Monkey was badly tired. The hungry crocodile requested him for some berries.

Monkey gave him some berries. Soon, they became good friends. Now it has become the routine of every day. One day, the Monkey gave him some extra berries as a gift to take home. When the crocodile took the berries to his wife. She eats the berries happily, but she was a mean crocodile and convinced him to take the Monkey’s heart by saying this monkey heart will be much sweeter than the berries. The next day the crocodile went to the Monkey and said that his wife had invited him at home for dinner.

The Monkey agreed. The Monkey rides on the crocodile trunk, but they got to the middle of the river. The foolish crocodile confesses to him the truth that his evil wife wants the Monkey’s heart for dinner. The Monkey quickly told him that he had left his heart in the berry tree, so he needs to go get it. But when they got there, the Monkey jumped to the berry tree branch and told the crocodile that he would never trust him again. The foolish crocodile was sorry, and he had to go home to his evil wife without the Monkey’s heart.

2. Turkish bath

Once upon a time, the Nasiruddin Hodja went to a Turkish bath. There he offered an old towel and a robe, he felt bad about it. He got upset that nobody is paying attention to him. He says nothing but leaves an important tip at the bar while returning.

After some days, he gets healthy royal protocol with extra services. Hodja is happy but hardly leaves any tip.

Everyone is surprised and curious to know why Hodja left just a small tip this time.

He says, “Today tip is for the services that were offered during the last visit. And the tip is given then was for today. We are still now.”

3. The lion and the mouse

One day a lion was asleep and a little mouse ran over the lion’s back. The lion woke up, put his paw on the mouse, and opened his big mouth. He wanted to eat the mouse. oh, king, cried the mouse I am sorry! I will never climb on you again! Maybe one day, I will help you.

The lion laughed at the silly mouse. Ha, ha, ha! you will help me-ha, ha! and let him go.

One week later, a hunter caught the lion. They tied the lion. At the same while, the little mouse heard the lion roar. He cut the ropes with his sharp teeth. The lion was very thankful for the mouse and they become good friends.

4. Ant’s accident

Once upon a time, a unique couple lived in a faraway city — the elephant and his wife, the ant. One day, when they are returning home on their scooter after a hard day. They experience something unexpected accident. The elephant gets badly wounded, but the ant remains safe.

Imagine how? Because the ant is wearing a helmet.

5. Frog and his belly burst

Once upon a time, a frog and his son live together in a pond. One day, the son frog was playing in a garden nocked, out something near to it detects a cow. He returns to his home and tells his father that he saw a scary monster.

The father frog did not believe it and ignored call it rubbish. When the kid insists, the father tries to explain about the monster.

The father frog tells his son about the monster that he has a big belly. He fills up the air in his stomach forcefully and asks him if he looked like that is the monster. The son refuses and says, “No, it is much bigger.” The father frog fills up more air in his belly and asks the son the monster should be was that big. The son again refuses.

The father frog does fill up the air again and again until his belly becomes huge. But before he could ask the question, his belly bursts. The father frog starts crying out in pain. But the frog son refuses again and is told that the monster was not like you.

6. The horse and snail

Once upon a time, a horse lived in a big jungle. He was very proud of himself. One day, he saw a snail. He laughs at the snail’s slow movement. The horse offers a race to embarrass the snail. The snail refuses but the horse insists on him. The race had done. The snail went home and tells the other snails and they decided to confuse the horse with their intelligence.

When the race came, they left home very early. They started hiding in places a little distance from each other till the deadline. The race started. The horse ran a little and then looked down. He saw the snail ahead of him. The horse started running harder and faster. When he looks down the was still ahead of him. The poor horse finally gave up after trying hard. Okay! I lose! said the humble horse. The snail laughed out loudly.

7. Two Cats and the Monkey

Once upon a time, two cats found a piece of bread. Both of them want that single piece of bread, but they kept fighting for it. A clever monkey that was passing there saw their fighting. He decided to help them. He took the bread and told them that he would break it in half.

The cats accepted. When he did this, one piece was bigger than the other. So, the Monkey took a bite of a bigger one to make it equal. But this time, the other piece was bigger. He kept taking a bite off from each bread to make them of equal size. In the end, he swallowed up the whole bread. The clever Monkey went home while the two cats remained hungry.

8. Sandwiches for dinner

Once upon a time, Two friends were very hungry. They visit a restaurant. They order drinks but do not order anything to eat because they have sandwiches in their bags. Before they get their order, They, take out their sandwiches and start eating them.

The waiter comes there and says, “You are not allowed to eat your sandwiches inside the restaurant. The smart friends look at each other, laugh, and exchange their sandwiches.

9. Age of the leg

Once upon a time, an older man gets terrible pain in his leg. He visits a doctor to seek a cure. The doctor told him that, “It cannot be curable due to your old age.” The doctor explains why nothing can be done to aid with the pain.

The old man gets mad asks the doctor about his ability. These words make the doctor anger, he asks the old man, “How can you say that I know nothing and have no ability?” The old man innocently replies, “I am sure you are wrong because my other leg has no pain, but it is of the same age too.

10. Bald man and a fly

Once upon a time, A bald man was the owner of a sweet shop, Robustiously, flies always bring sweets, and the shop owner tried his best to stop the flies from sitting on his sweets.

One day, a large fly appears there and sits on the sweets. The bald man tries to clap it with his hands to catch flies, but it jumps and sits on another sweet. He tries it again and again but failed. The bald man got angry and feel the fly challenges him to hurt it if he can. The man says, “I can sacrifice everything to keep you away from my shop.”

Then the fly sits on the man’s bald head. Sametime hits his head to catch the fly, but the fly flies away. The bald man gets a big red bump on his head.


The short funny stories are necessary to create fun and make the kids imaginative. These stories also help your kid to understand right and wrong. It can also be proof as a motivational story for your kid’s bad habit.

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