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Medical Reasons for Overweight Child

Top 10 Medical Reasons for Overweight Child

There are many medical reasons for the overweight child such as lack of physical activity, inheritance, biochemical, therapeutic, and unhealthy eating patterns. However, the weight of newborns does not have to be a product of diet and health.  Is your child overweight? Babies grow at different rates at different times, so Read more…

Child Mental Health

Top 10 Tips to Improve Child Mental Health

Child mental health: If you are a parent, you are probably concerned about your child’s healthy diet, school grades, and keeping your child clean physically. Sadly, parents don’t even know what’s going on in the kid’s minds and mental disorder rates increase gradually in children.  Parents need to be aware Read more…

Stress Management Techniques for Children

Top 10 Stress Management Techniques for Children

Stress management techniques for children: Stress is the mental pressure in tension, strangeness, unfavorable environment and workload, etc. Parents and teachers must provide a suitable environment for children and manage a stress-free environment at home and at school. To manage stress, experts suggest many techniques. So, this article presents the top Read more…