Top 10 Free Health Websites for Kids

The health websites are kids’ education sites. Through this,  parents can learn about their kids’ health issues which they are facing. Also, they will learn about good foods and good habits too. It all depends upon the age of a child. Mostly, these teachings are in the form of games and interesting quizzes. In short, these are online health facilities for kids.

Health Websites for Kids
Health Websites for Kids

Each year, a large number of kids die at just 5 years of age. While these deaths are preventable. Proper take care and good health can lower down the mortality rates and can perform better in school and academics.

People are well aware of the fact that childhood health sets the stage for healthy adults. Thus, it is clear that the early years of life are very important. Also, good health increases the development and learning ability of kids.

Types of child health

There is a misconception that only physical health counts in health. We mostly ignore the behavioral, emotional, and mental health of kids. These are the different types of child health. All the types are equally important and affect the functioning of the body.

10 Best Health Websites for kids

These are the kids health websites to learn about health. These websites are not only for kids but also for parents. The section of parents is more into parenting and medical issues of kids. While the sections of little ones are more into games or some simple Q&As. So, scroll down and learn about these kids’ health websites.

1.  Nourish Interactive

Nourish Interactive is a kids health website. The website’s purpose is to realize the kids how beans or cabbage are better than pizzas and burgers. The website is comprised of some fun nutrition games.  These games are the source of interest for them.

It has also some interactive nutrition tools. The tools are like Food Pyramid Adventure. Moreover, these tools help in the teaching of kids about the importance of good food. The Nourish Interactive website is for elementary school kids. Besides, there are also things for parents through which they can also learn.

2. Girls Health

The name Girls Health complements the cause of this site. Girls have their issues related to health. Thus, it has designed for girls from 10 to 16 years of age. Through this website, girls will find out all the information related to health. Moreover, it is the source of motivation for them to choose healthy behaviors positively. Besides, here are valuable tips regarding drugs, relationships, alcohol, etc. Also, you will find out some real-life stories or helpline numbers too.

3. Arthur family health

The site uses the character Arthur for the interest of kids. The site’s purpose is to kid health, asthma, and allergies. It helps the kid in dealing with problems like asthma. Also, kids will learn about being fit and have good nutrition.

4. Coping Club

The purpose of the website is to help in coping up with situations or illness. It is a wonderful little health website. Moreover, the website is from Kosair Children’s hospital. There are stories narrated by kids on the website. Mainly, the stories are related to the topic of coping with a personal illness.

Moreover, here you will found out firsthand accounts for dealing with issues like divorce, stress, etc. Also, there is no limit for gender on the site. The best thing is anyone can also submit his/her video.

5. Food Champs

The fun champs are a kids’ health website that guides the kids through fun activities. Moreover, the activities are arranged according to age on the flash site. For this, you just have to choose a screen name like choose a “food champion”. After that, the site will guide you. Furthermore, there are downloadable artwork and recipes for kids of 2 to 8 years.

6. American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is a website. The site has a section for kids related to healthy lifestyle education for kids. In America, every third child is overweight. Through this obesity, they are affected by different problems. Thus, the website helps the kids in defeating the fat.

7. Small Step kids

The word small step kids symbolize the small steps in teaching the kids to eat the right things. It is started by the department of health and human services, U.S. The website is best for kids. Because it features fun activities that engage the kids and teach them about good foods. The site comprises games and quizzes.

8. Body And Mind, BAM!

Kids love comics. Thus, the comic is the theme of the site. The website teaches the kids in the form of games. Furthermore, the site is designed with the sound and graphics of comics. The site entertains kids with games. It has a game room with a lineup of almost nine games. Also, the kid can easily understand the stuff and feels like he/she is reading a comic.

9. Scrub Club

The scrub club’s purpose is to teach kids about handwashing tips. The site has a cast of scrub club characters which looks cute. It is not only comprised of heroes, but you will find out villains too. In short, the site gives a cute personal hygiene look for kids.

10. Kids Health

Kids health is also one of the best websites. It has a huge variety of concerns related to physical, behavioral, and emotional issues. Furthermore, it is customized accordingly. Also, the site has information that is easy to understand. The kids will learn with games, quizzes, etc. In addition, it is not only for kids. The site has a section for parents too. Here they will learn about parenting and the issue of their little ones.


The kids’ curiosity is just increasing day by day. And, it is important to keep them stick on the right path. So, these are websites about health for kids. These are designed to ensure the online health of kids by proper teaching.

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