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Exercise routine

Exercise routine

It is a very common story of many children that they are growing fatter and suffering from many diseases in recent days. It happens because of many bad habits such as playing computer games, watching TV for long hours and eats fast food, etc.  The daily exercise routine is important for a kid’s physical and mental health. It is the parental responsibility to know how to start an exercise routine.

Benefits of Exercise Routine

Exercise plays an important role in the kid’s success and achievements in later life. Parents should focus on the fitness of their children. There are some important benefits of exercise which are mentioned below:

1. Health Benefits  of Exercise

Exercise helps to improve health in childhood.  It improves pone health, mussel’s strength. Exercise also helps to improve cognitive function and it is one of the best weight management components. Regular exercise has positive effects on a good mood, improve cardiovascular health, combats chronic diseases, and control cholesterol level.[i]

2. Social Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps to improve social performance.  When a child starts to do outdoor activities, he meets many other peers in the playground or in the park.  The kids spend most of their time watching the television and playing online games in the modern age.  So they don’t have enough time to build effective social interaction with other peers. When a child involves sharing sports games, he has more opportunities to engage with others and he can develop more relationships with other peers.

3. Behavior Benefits of Exercise

It is reported that those teens who participate in sport and exercise are much less likely to be involved in negative behavior such as smoking, alcohol, and taking drugs.    Exercise helps the children to develop positive behavior in childhood.

5 Tips to To Develop Exercise Routine in Your Child

Many Parents want to develop the exercise routine in their children but they don’t know how to develop it. Here are some effective tips to create an exercise routine in children.          

1. Consider the exercise as an important factor for your Child

Parents should consider exercise as an important factor for their children’s well-being. It helps to improve their children’s general physical and psychological well-being. They must recommend the best suitable exercise program for kids.

 2. Walk with your Child Regularly 

Walking with family is a great way to develop exercise habits in children. Sometimes you can get out with your children on a bicycle for the exercise. Take the time to visit the park and playground with your kids.  After some time, it will become a habit and you can easily manage. Once it becomes a habit then you can easily manage time from your busy schedule.

3. Fix a time in a Day for Exercise

It is well documented that if you want to keep your child healthy and active than at least an hour in a day should be fixed for exercise. The parent should try to make daily exercise routine with their kids and   some  daily exercises are mentioned below,

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Lifting
  • Pushing
  •  Water sports
  • Archery
  • Swimming
  •  jumping rope
  • Break dancing
  • Hillwalking
4. Encourage your Child To do Exercise

Encouragement is the best option to motivate your child to do exercise. You should tell your child about the benefits of exercise. Encourage your kids to play free by doing competition individually, because kids always love challenges, scores, and prizes.  The daily exercise routine is essential for a kid’s well-being and development.

 5. Plan Outdoor Trips

Kids love to go outside for an adventure. You can plan a trip and invite his friends also. Plan some outdoor games and activates.  The natural environment and open space area help to improve physical and mental health. The natural environment provides opportunities to explorative play which helps to improve decision-making ability, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

6. Support your child to Involve in Exercise

The parent’s support is important to develop an exercise routine in children. There are many ways for parents to assist their children in exercise.

  • Help to provide  kit and equipment
  • Assisting with travel
  • supporting from the sidelines

 Exercise provides the foundation for a healthier life. Active children always perform well in academic and social life. Parents must try to develop exercise habit and the above tips help them to develop the routine of exercise in their children.