How to Teach Kids to Swim At Early Age

Many parents seeking a method for how to teach their kids to swim. Swimming makes kids independent, confident, builds their muscles, and strengthens the bond between parents and children.

How to Teac kids to Swim
How to Teach kids to Swim

However,  teaching your kids to swim is not an easy task, and unfortunately, many parents are afraid of their children drowning in water at an early age.

Teaching toddlers to swim should be a priority for every parent because it is an important life skill and physical activity that helps to improve many skills. So  the following are the top 10 tips on how to teach your toddler to swim;

How to Teach  Kids to Swim

The following are the best tips to teach your kids to swim:

1. Blow Bubbles in Water 

It is a very effective way to teach a toddler to swim by blowing bubbles. Here is an activity through which you can teach your toddler to blow bubbles. 

Take two straws in a bathtub during a shower. Firstly, perform blow bubbles to your child then, advise him to do this. It is an activity to push your child to blow bubbles with the mouth.

Then blow bubbles at the surface of the water with a mouth. You can vibrate your lips together to make a motorcycle-type sound. Make sure your child uses to have chin in the water at least. 

2. Choose the Right Pool 

You have to choose the best swimming pool with a suitable environment for teaching your kids to swim fast.  The best swimming pool should have the following qualities:

  • The pool should be well-managed and clean.
  • It will be heated over 28 degrees.
  • It should be shallower.  

3. Swim on their Front 

Swimming is a fun activity to do with your toddler. Just like; Firmly hold your child under his arm by facing you. Start walking backward through the water by singing a song. Start spin slowly in a circle and then pick up speed in straight position water will push him in a floating position. Your child feels comfortable in a horizontal swimming position. 

4. Overcome the Fear of Water

Initially, when your toddler has no swimming experience, gently introducing them to the water. You should know how to overcome the fear of water. Do some basics with him to overcome the fear of water.

  • When your child slipped into the bathtub, encourage him to stand up again instead of the worst reaction.  
  •  Give your children time to play and learn to enjoy the water during their bath time.
  •  Make some fun activities for them that water can be fun and not scary.
  •  They will feel relax with the destruction of playthings in their small pool.
  • Then gradually increases the amount of water in their little pool.

5. Practice Kicking

A toddler requires muscular strength to achieve hydropropolsion. It is voluntary, which controls through building their neuropathways, it takes time. Hydropropolsion can be developed by encouraging through different activities just like:

  • Hold your toddler under his arms in a pool. Encourage your child to kick the feet.
  • Do the game of red light, green light. A green light means kick like crazy and red light means stop kicking.

6. Start Gradually 

The 2-4-year-old is ready to learn swimming. Teaching toddlers to swim is a gradual process. It needs patience and heeds.

  • Firstly, make sure your toddler is a water lover.
  • Make water activities fun and do the activities that toddlers can kick the legs and paddle the arms in the meantime. It takes time.
  • Then tech to hold breath underwater for 3 seconds.
  • Blow bubbles, it takes more time than kicking and paddling; be patient and keep practicing.
  • Teach to hold onto the edge of the pool.
  • Can swim with a swimming ring than without it for a short distance.
  • Then keep practicing for a long time and keep an eye on your toddler.

7. Catching Fishies 

Set a pool for your toddler, water should ideally be at your child’s waist to chest. Sit next to your child and ask your little one to catch fishies with his hands. Then ask him to start front crawl in water to pick up the fishies. It makes your toddler arm muscle strong that helpful for swimming on his own. You can play the poem to encourage your child.

8. Water Activities 

All kids are in want of some exciting and creatives around them. Teaching swimming by pool gaming is an attractive way. It boasts the child’s immunity. Like hit, the bobbing head is a perfect pool game. It is for 3-year-old children. One of them stands in the water with a ball. And the others should be hidden in the water. If someone is standing, they will hit by the ball, until no one is left behind, the game end. There are a lot of pool games for kids that useful to learn swimming.

9. Floating on the back

To build up the skill of toddler, we should encourage them for swimming. At the early stage, every child needs support at first. When children are on their back, they are less comfortable, but encouragement makes them active and confident. Stand on their behind keep your child floating. Advise them to relax on your shoulder in the same position.

10. Use Swim Floaties 

When you teach your toddler how to swim, it is necessary to wear better quality swim aid or armband floaties. The best floaties are ones that make your child comfortable in the water. These help your child stay afloat, but your child must know about swimming. 

In conclusion: that can play a vital role in helping to prevent drowning. Children develop at different rates. While making your decisions, keep your child’s comfort level in the water. These are truly basic and comfortable skills to teach your toddler to swim. 


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