How to Teach your Child to Read

How to teach your child to read: Reading is essential to promote socio-emotional, cognitive, and brain development, and it is a process that needs techniques and activities to improve the reading skills in children.

How to Teach you Child to Read
How to Teach your Child to Read

An important question arises why and how to teach your child to read? Reading enables the children to transport their feelings and words to another. It allows kids to understand the meaning of words and improve their language skills.

Through reading, children know their culture, knowledge, and the world around them. This article includes reading activities and techniques for kids that help the parents/teachers increase reading skills in their children.

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Reading skills Checklist

The list of reading skills are as follows:

  • Phonics is a method through which sounds of different written words are taught to the child. So the child knows how to read or pronounce words.
  • Vocabulary is another skill for reading as, the more wide the vocabulary of a child, the more he/she will be able to read and understand the text.
  • Fluency helps a person to understand the meaning of the words more easily.
  • Reading Comprehension is a skill that will help your child in reading and expressing.
  • Convergence efficiency is also a skill. You should have a good convergence efficiency if you want to read with fluency. It’s a skill to focus on the same letter and find the same letter across the page that will help the child in improving their reading skills.

When do kids learn to read?

The age at which children  learn to read is different in different children. They learn according to their own time. This is a process that varies accordingly. Because reading can be different for people. But, the average age of reading is 6 to 7 years.

The 2 years an old kid can maybe read some words from his/her favorite book. For Example, from their storybook. Some start reading the words in preschool, by the age “of” almost 3 probably. If we see more, kids start matching the sounds with words by the age of 4 to 5. And start reading in 6 to 7 years which means in grade second.

Top 10 Reading Activities for kids

The reading must have fun activities for children. So the following reading activities help the children to learn reading and improve their reading skills very effectively.

1. Baby Time with Books

Babies love to play with books. To enhance the reading skills when your child is six months old, buy some books with bright colors and pictures, and show the book to your baby by reading the words. Also, touch the words while reading it. This may help your baby in recognition of words and their sounds.

2. Sing Poems with Repetition

Sing a poem with rhyming and repetitive words which will help your child to follow you with ease. This will give the child a sense of achievement that he/she knows the next words and helps them in reading more easily.

3. Words recognition activities 

Word recognition activities are important to improve reading skills in early childhood. For Example, make a playing card with the alphabets on it with your child by pronouncing it aloud so that the child remembers and hang it in the room.

You can also engage your child with yourself when you are writing a to-do list by reading it aloud. These things can be done daily so that children learn to read and recognize the words more easily.

4. Watching TV

First of all, make a weekly schedule or limit the watching  TV time for your kids and choose some specific channels or shows that help your child in increasing his/her mental ability. You can discuss with them what they see or can read with them that what is written on TV.

5. Listen to their stories

Kids are good at storytelling. Try to listen to them with responsive behavior. If you don’t understand the part of the story then give them time and they will explain it well. This will give them a sense of honor and improve their vocabulary and may clear their words.

6. Treasure hunt

Play treasure hunt with your child. Hide the toys or chocolates of your child in the house and give him/her some clue through writing a sentence on a piece of paper. Use the sentence according to the age of the child and let him/her find the thing. This will encourage him/her for reading as in the end, there is a reward also.

7. Match the words

Play match the words game with your child. Draw a line in the center of cardboard or paper. Draw images of different things on one side and write the names on the other side by shuffling names. Ask your child to read and match the correct words with images.

8. Look for Books

Go to the library along with your child. Choose some books that seem interesting to both of you or you can ask the librarian for suggestions also. Read those books with your child and try to make it interesting. This will help to make up his/her mind for reading.

9. Take Turns

Mostly, children feel good when someone listens to them. Read the word, paragraph, or page and then said the child to do the same. And when he/she reads, listen carefully and appreciate him/her.

10. Lunch box Notes

Write some cute notes with stickers or pictures and put them in the lunch box of your child daily. This will make your child curious and excited that what is in the note today and encourage him/her towards reading. Also, it develops a sense of attachment to the parents.

How to Improve Reading Skills 

Following are the strategies  that  help the parents/teachers  to improve the reading skills of a child:

1. Make it a habit

Try the best that your child reads regularly. This is the best way one can learn reading because through this the child will be in contact with words.

2. Read it aloud

Read the words in a loud voice and say your child to do the same. Through this, the child will hear and see the exact pronunciation of the word. Also, this helps the child in reading it more easily.

3. The correct level of books                    

Make sure that the books are on the same level as the child. Because the child loses interest in reading if he/she face too much difficulty.

4. Read again and again

By reading the book, again and again, the child will be familiar with the words and read with fluency. Thus, your child should read the book more than one time.

5. Favorite books

Try the best that your child read those books which he/she loves to read. This will increase their interest in the book as well as in reading.

In conclusion: Reading is a basic learning skill in child education and how to teach your child to read is an important question. Parents and teachers should create effective reading strategies and activities to improve reading ability for their children. Hopefully, this article will help to improve kids reading skills.

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