Top 10 Indoor Activities for kids at Home

Indoor activities for kids:  Kids became bored with the same things quite early. It is essential to design variations in their activities and games and that activities should be productive and entertaining at the same time.

Indoor Activities for Kids
Indoor activities for kids

So there are several indoor activities for kids at home which good for their development. These indoor activities will also keep your little ones occupied.

What are indoor activities?

Indoor activities are the ones that happened on the premises of four walls or any inside area. These activities can be done inside the house or room, thus required less space. It is not just sitting and started staring at a screen and it is a whole process composed of so many things that are also productive for the kids.

Benefits of kids indoor activities 

 The following are the benefits of indoor activities:

  • Indoor activities encourage problem-solving in kids. Like puzzles etc.

  • There is a lower risk of injury in playing inside because they are in front of you.

  • It is the best alternative for rainy and winter days.

  • Provide them with new experiences as they learn new things by experimenting.

  • Encourage creative thinking in them when they play role-playing like a doctor or something.

  • It provides your kid’s pollution-free and clean environment.

Top 10 Indoor activities for kid 

It becomes difficult for parents to keep children busy inside the house with some entertaining, productive, and learning activities.  So, here are the 10 best indoor activities for home and activity areas near you.

1. Decorating room by crafting

Keep your kids busy in some creative activities. You can choose crafts for this purpose. Give your kids some paper plates and make paper plate fish. Encourage your kids to color and decorate the plates like fishes. When they are done, hand or stick those plates in their room. It will keep them busy and encourage creativity in them.

2. Make your puzzle

Draw a picture of the favorite cartoons of your little one. Say your kid to color the picture as he/she wants. Then, cut the picture into several pieces and put them in a basket. Tell your kid to start making the picture again with those cut pieces. In this way, it will boost problem-solving in your kid. Besides, they will see different aspects of the pieces which open up their mind.

3. Storytelling

Do a storytelling session with the kids. Sit on the floor and assume your bed or sofa as a stage. Go there and tell an interesting story to your kid. Make sure the story thought some moral lessons. After that, tell your kid to do the same. Remember, they can’t do it perfectly as you did but they will try.

4. Find the way on cardboard

Make a “find the way” game on cardboard at home by engaging your kids with you. Take cardboard with sides, cut straws for way designing. Try some creative ways for this game. Mark a start and endpoint and place a ball on the starting point. Give it to your kids for play. Through this, their focus maintains. Besides, they learn to balance.

6. Fashion show

Give your cupboard to your kids for some time. Allow them to host a fashion show. They will dress up in your dresses, take accessories, or anything they want. Tell them to do a catwalk and represent their outfits. Remember, you have to be their audience for encouragement.

7. Indoor obstacle course

Make an obstacle course in your living room or bedroom. Try to make it interesting by putting candies after every obstacle. Tell your kids to pass the obstacles and they will get a reward. It is a healthy activity for the physical fitness of your kids.

8. Indoor camp

Set a room for camping. Set a tent or camp and make it cozy with pillows and a blanket. Turn off the lights and light up a small bulb. Put some snacks and stuff in the camp too. Enjoy the experience of indoor camping with your kids. You can sing songs with little ones to make it more entertaining.

9. Cook together

Do you want to do some family time stuff? Cooking together is the best option for entertainingly spending time. Cook something that is your kid’s favorite. Talk to them while processing the food. You can share stories or jokes. It will strengthen the bond between you both.

10. DIY laser maze

Make a DIY laser maze with crepe paper. Tell your kids to go through it without touching or damaging. It will boost the skill of problem-solving and managing in them. Try to design a maze according to the age of the kid.


Buy a scrabble game according to your kid’s age. It will polish their spellings and also good for sharpening of mind. Try to play with them by telling the meanings related to those words.


These top 10  kids indoor activities are productive as well as entertaining. You can easily engage them in these activities at home. Besides, you can look for indoor kid activities areas in by near me option. There are several options like the fun factory, kid’s planet, etc. You can choose any activity and keep your child safe inside the home.

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