Top 15 Best Kids Birthday Party Places

Best birthday party places allow kids to socialize themselves and make their boring routines more excited. Kids want to  invite all their friends and dressed especially for the event. Birthday parties’ preparation is a source for business as well. The event organizer has to manage and decorate to make it memorable.  

Importance of birthday party places

Kids Birthday Party Places
Kids Birthday Party Places

It is important to arrange a surprise kids birthday party  to make their day more memorable and special. We can cherish them by giving gifts and by fulfilling their desires. By doing that, kids feel overwhelmed by their loved ones.  Through organizing beautiful birthday party  and wishing “Happy Birthday” to your kids can strengthen the relationship between you and your kids.

It develops a meaningful sense of identity as well as the sense of belonging within the kid.

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Benefits of Organizing Birthday Party

 Some of the important reasons regarding celebrating birthdays are as follows:

  1.  Encourages  and strengthen the friendships
  2. Develop a sense of socializing
  3. Helps to understand the passage of time
  4.  Teaching kids how to celebrate others too
  5. Develops a sense of honor for the kid 
  6.  Make beautiful memories with their loved ones

Top 10 Best Birthday Party Places for Kids

 There are many places throughout the world to arrange the kids birthday parties, some of which are as follows:

1. Paint & Party  

The paint and party are located in Las Vegas, the most populous city in the USA. It is considered to be the best place for  kids birthday celebrations.

At this place, the children can explore their artistic and creative interests. There are several instructors there to guide the children on how to paint. The packages include personal well-decorated rooms with snakes, cakes, ice-creams, drinks so that kids spent their special day with full zeal and zest.

2.  Alexandra Palace 

Alexandra Palace is situated in London. It is considered one of the cheapest and the best places for birthday celebrations. It has the availability of free tickets for children, families, and adults and also has some concession tickets too.

At  Alexandra Place, your kids can enjoy their birthdays with full zeal and zest. They can play games and has a private section for skating, regardless of interruptions by the public. Then after that, you can enjoy yourself in your area without any disruption and carry on the fun. The staff of the palace is corporate, that you will enjoy your event with full zest.

From 6 to 12 years of the kid’s age, the party costs approximately 15 pounds per kid. That is quite well reasonable. So, Alexandra palace is one of the best  kids birthday party places in the UK.

3. Legoland Discovery Center 

The LEGOLAND discovery is located in Massachusetts. It is considered to be the best place for celebrations of kid’s birthday parties. At this place, the package includes pizzas, food, cupcakes, and a lot of games. The kids make their own Lego project, and then they can take these with themselves too. There is also entertainment and fun, so one’s can make their children day unique and more excited by celebrating birthday party there.

4. The Rainforest Cafe 

The Rainforest Cafe is also situated in London. It is a jungle theme restaurant. In this all preparation regarding the kid’s birthday celebrations, including the food, desserts, drinks, theme, and invitation cards, everything designed and decorated.

There are different theme-based animals in that restaurant, too, that cherish the kids by doing amazing tricks and dancing. Then there is a themed triple-layered chocolate cake.

The whole package price is approximately 15pounds per kid, which is quite reasonable. So, the rainforest cafe is one of the best places for celebrating kids’ birthday parties.

5. Wet n’ Wild 

 The Wet n’ Wild is also situated in Las Vegas, a remarkable city in the USA. It is known to be the best place for the celebrations of kid’s birthday parties. It is considered to be the best place for children who love to swim. They enjoy themselves a lot under the sun and get wet in the water. The children made castles with the sand too. The package also includes party host, food, balloons, and many more. The package is worth approximately 36 dollars.

6.  Shrek’s Adventure 

Shrek’s adventure is located in London. It is one of the best places for the kid’s birthday parties celebrations. This place is too adventurous for kids. First, they have a 4D ride, then they get a chance to watch many of Shrek’s laugh-out-loud shows live.

They also enjoy many animation storytelling stories. Then they get a chance to meet all of their favorite characters from Shrek’s movies. So, it will be a complete package for the kids to fully enjoy on their special day and the desserts, food, and everything arranged according to the theme. The whole package is worth approximately 159pounds. So, Shrek’s adventure is also the most adventurous place for the kids to celebrate their birthday party. 

7. Queens Ice and Bowl 

The queen ice and bowl  is one of the best places for the celebrations of kid’s birthday parties in London. At their kids enjoy a lot of games like a bowl, ice skate, etc. There also have birthday packages like one activity of approximately 12pounds and two activities of approximately 15pounds. It also includes pizzas, burgers, or sandwiches. Also, Queen gives free packages as well as free ice-creams. So, kids do a lot of fun there and can make their special day memorable.

8. Shark Reef Aquarium  

The Shark Reef Aquarium is also located in one of the populous cities of USA, that is Las Vegas. It is one of the most adventurous places for kids to celebrate their birthday there and make their day extra memorable. The children get to know about aquatic life. There are sharks, horseshoe crabs and pufferfish, as well as many more. The children who love animals enjoy that place a lot. They also offer birthday packages, where individual rooms are available with dinner, decorations, invitations, etc.

9. Namco Funscape 

The Namco Funscape is  one one of the best places in London to celebrate birthday parties for kids .  There is the availability of a complete package for the birthday kids, including food, games, bowling, dinner, balloons, party invitation cards, and much more for enjoyment. The staff takes the whole responsibility to make that day extra adventurous for the kids. The package is worth approximately 16pounds per child, that is quite reasonable. 

10. Go Ape Trent Park 

The Go Ape Trent Park is situated in London. It is one of the most adventurous places for celebrating the kid’s birthday parties. In case if your child is physically active, then take them to this park. It has junior treetop adventure and it is made for various age groups of people and track; obstacles vary with the age group.

It also has tours on the ground level like hiking and many more adventurous games to play. The package is worth approximately 17pounds per child. So, one should take their children to this park to make their special day more adventurous.

11. Chelsea FC 

Chelsea FC is also located in London an it is the  best place for kids’ birthday celebrations, who are fond of sports. It includes the kid’s favorite games to play as well as a visit to the stadium. The package includes the football matches for the kids, and Chelsea FC certificate for every single kid, and a Chelsea gift also included in the package.

It also includes photoshoot opportunities. So, the package is worth approximately 25pounds per kid. In this way, this is considered the best place for children who are good at sports.

12. Royal Air Forces Museum 

The Royal Airforce Museum is one of the best place to organize the kids birthday party in London. Kids get a chance to meet with the pilots and enjoy food with them at this place. Also, they get a gift from the museum. The kids also can enjoy the flight ride with some extra costs.

So, this museum is quite informative as well as adventurous for kids to visit. They also consist of exclusive packages for the children—the group of 8 to 50 children allowed at a time. The package cost approximately 13pounds per kid.

13. Cowabunga Bay 

The Cowabunga Bay is also situated in Las Vegas, which is a known city in the USA. Kids love to celebrate their birthday parties there. It is a water park consists of water slides, water- based games and activities, pools, and many more that will make your kid’s day extra memorable.

The package also includes eatables like pizzas, ice-creams, drinks, and reserved corners for the kid’s birthday celebrations. The kid’s who celebrate their birthday there also get “bounce back” free tickets.

14. V And A Museum of Childhood 

The V and A museum are situated in London. It is considered to be the best place for kids to celebrate their birthdays. It will explore the creative side of your children. This museum has a lot of stuff which leads to child interest. It has a great variety of the exhibition.

The collection consists of teddy bears, dolls as well as puppets. There have of art and craft exposure too. Also, there is the availability of hiring the room too for the celebrations of birthday parties. The whole package is worth 140 pounds. 

15. School of Dance and Music 

The school of dance and music is located in the populous USA, that is Las Vegas. It is considered to be the best place for celebrations of kid’s birthday parties. It is more reliable for children who love to dance and sing. The children do a lot of fun and learn amazing moves and styles with the help of a dance instructor. It includes many party packages too. So this will help to make your children’s day extra memorable.

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