Top 10 Ways To keep Your Kids Healthy Teeth

 Kids Healthy Teeth: Kids are not smart enough to understand what is right or wrong. They even start to touch the fire. They could not even decide what they should eat. Sometimes they start to eat things that are harmful to their teeth. So the way to make kid’s teeth healthy is to properly supervise them and allow them only to eat things, which are useful for them.

Importance of healthy teeth for kids

Kids Health Teeth
Kids Healthy Teeth

The Importance of healthy teeth cannot be ignored. Kids have a weak immune system. Children’s dental health is necessary to minimize the chances of disease. Kids will be protected from all the diseases that will be caused if their teeth are dirty.

Healthy teeth will not cause oral diseases. All the food that enters our body passes through a process of chewing. So, it will also contain all the germs and cause internal disease. A healthy mouth with healthy teeth also feels good and the breath keeps you fresh, active, and healthy.

Best foods for teeth

Food is quite necessary for a kid’s teeth. Healthy food will make kid’s teeth healthy, as well their whole body healthy. Unhealthy food will spoil a kid’s teeth. The best foods to keep kids teeth healthy are

1. Fruits

Fruits are very necessary for kids. Kids are in their growing age and need different food to keep growing. Fruits are one of the foods that help kids to grow properly.

A famous phrase “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple also makes the kid’s teeth healthy. It rubs with the teeth and removes the plaque from the teeth. Other fruits are also good for teeth.

2. Vegetables

In fact, vegetables are also very useful for kid’s teeth. Vegetables like celery, broccoli, carrots, and green leafy vegetables are good for a kid’s teeth. Just like apples, they scrub over the teeth and remove plaque from the teeth. The water and fiber help to maintain the sugar level and helps to clean the teeth.

3. Eggs

The eggs are very necessary for healthy teeth. Eggs contain calcium, protein, and Vitamin D, which are the main constituents of teeth. Vitamin D is necessary to take in calcium. Calcium is needed to strengthen teeth and to neutralize the acids. Acids protect teeth from cavities.

4. Milk and yogurt

Milk contains calcium and phosphates, which provide minerals to your kid’s teeth, which may be lost due to other food. It makes your teeth stronger. Milk also protects teeth enamel. Yogurt contains probiotics. Probiotics make the good bacteria in your mouth strong. Bacteria will fight bad bacteria that cause cavities.

5. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds contain fats that are useful for teeth. The oil present in the seeds helps to strengthen the enamel and gums. They provide the ability of protection to teeth against cavities. A vitamin called folic acid that reduces gums inflammation is also present in sunflower seeds.

Disadvantages of unhealthy food for kid’s teeth

When we think of unhealthy food the first thing that comes to our mind is fast food and candies. If you want kid’s teeth healthy then avoid fast food as much as you can.

If a kid doesn’t have a proper healthy diet then he will not be able to do well in studies. Sweet and candies are also harmful to a kid’s teeth. They should be avoided. Plaque bacteria use sweet things to produce acids and harm enamel.

How to keep your kids  healthy teeth

The number of kids with cavities is rising day by day. Almost every kid gets a cavity once in his/her life. This is because they are not following some tips that are essential for their teeth. The top 10 ways to keep your kid’s teeth healthy are:

1. Brushing teeth

Teeth should be brushed at least two times a day for two minutes. It reduces the risk of cavities and plaque. The brush when it rubs over the teeth removes all small particles of food that are stuck in the mouth.

2. Flossing a habit

All kids should have the habit of flossing once a day. Most cavities occur between two teeth. A kid who does brush his/her teeth but does not floss is at risk of getting a cavity. Flossing can clean the area that cannot be cleaned using a toothbrush.

3. No drinks at bedtime

Don’t allow your child to drink or eat anything after brushing or flossing. Otherwise, there will no effect of flossing or brushing. Teeth will not become healthy if this practice is not removed.

4. Make yourself brushing

Kids are monkeys. They copy what they see. To make them brush and floss first you should make yourself brush and floss.

5. Eliminate fast food and sweets

Try to eliminate candies and fast food from their routine. If it is not possible, then give it to them only once in the daytime. As more saliva is produced during the daytime they will be removed.

6. Don’t give kids a pacifier

Pacifiers cause misalignment of teeth and lead to severe dental problems. It is also better to take away the bottle soon than later.

7. Eliminate gummy candies

Should Eliminate all the gummy candies. They cause cavities and make teeth weak.

8. Early age brushing

Starting brushing a kid’s teeth at an early age to develop a habit. Even when the baby is of 2 or 3 months rub a water cloth or gauze.

9. A healthy diet

Feed your kids a healthy diet instead of feeding them fast food and sweets to make teeth healthy.

10. Visiting a dentist

Visit a dentist regularly to have better advice from him on current condition whether or to not need some medication or some precautions.

In conclusion: Healthy teeth lead to a fair outlook, proper chewing of food, which ultimately makes your stomach healthy. Thus teeth health is one of the most crucial parts of our health.

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