Top 10 Free Language Learning Apps for Kids

Language learning apps consider more effective sources for learning the language because kids can learn new sounds and pronunciations. This article will get to know the top 10 best language learning apps for kids to quickly learn.

Language Apps for Kids
Language Apps for Kids

You must be aware that language is the primary thing to interact with others and learn something. When it comes to children, learning language has its importance on another level. It makes them creative and more flexible, through which kids can engage in problem-solving in a better way.

How Kids Learn Through Apps:

Now, the question is, how kids learn through apps? Let’s discuss it now. Many parents and teachers mostly think about teaching a foreign language to a child. Some people may confuse by hearing that a new language can be learned through the app, Yes, now it is possible to learn any language by the use of technology.

The apps are designed with audio clips to native speakers, which help incorrect pronunciation. Moreover, the apps are featured with fun games and colorful visuals to attract the kids for great learning. 

Importance of language learning apps

Language learning for kids has its importance which no one can deny. That’s why this English learning app for kids and other apps is designed for a great experience and fun learning. Through these apps, kids learn faster with faster brain functioning. Not only this, these apps give you the opportunities to practice grammar. Also, you will get a chance to learn through native speakers’ pronunciations. 

Top 10 free language learning apps for kids

when it comes to free language learning for kids,  the following free language learning apps can be beneficial. Let’s check out these apps in detail.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is considered one of the best language learning apps. Through this, kids can explore several languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Vietnamese, and many others.

You can say it has a wide range of language options that help your toddler learn. Moreover, Duolingo for kids is an app like a game in which kids gain their correct answers and level up. Besides, the best part is it is not that tough. The lessons for kids are in small and effective pieces for great understanding. 

2. Memrise

Memrise fits great on the list of best language learning apps because of videos of those native speakers. In that way, kids feel that how new languages or words sound. Furthermore, the best part of this app is its great memory techniques for faster brain processing. 

3. Droplets

You must be aware of the popular series of language apps, namely “Drops” for Android and iOS. Thus, droplets are the kid’s version of that series. Moreover, the learning is based mainly on visuals featured with unique colors; also, it ensures perfect pronunciation by featuring the audio of native speakers. 

4. Gus on the go

It is an excellent app for toddlers. The Gus on the go is full of primary language learnings of different languages. These include colors, numbers, and even food.

Moreover, the app is filled with adventure because of a friendly owl which results in kid’s attraction. In this, there are post-lesson games that make the learning more fun and engaging for kids. With the help of stories by guys on the go, your kids can learn through 90 different words, audio clips, and fun activities too. So, what you want other than this? Start your kid’s learning journey by downloading these preschool language learning apps.

5. Fun easy learn

Fun easy to learn is one of the most appealing apps for children because of its images. It consists of several words with native speakers audios which help in easy learning. Besides, some fun games keep the kids attentive during this. Moreover, the game has three levels starts from the beginning and ends on an advanced level. Thus, this is great for all levels of learners. 

6. Endless Spanish app

Do your kids love to play with puzzles? Then the endless Spanish app is perfect for you Because the app is designed with puzzles that will engage kids and help in learning. Moreover, the app is designed with cute endless monsters that help in learning Spanish words with the help of puzzles. The best thing is that the app has an English translation, which helps understand Spanish words.

7. Study cat

Study cat is the most approachable and exciting language course for children. Because it converts that conventional and boring course into fun by fun games, these courses’ lessons cover all the common vocabulary, including body parts, colors, food, animals, etc. Furthermore, both males and females present repeated readings to reinforce the meanings. The app is for English, German, Spanish, French, and Chinese. 

8. Pacca Alpaca

Pacca Alpaca, without any doubt, falls into the category of the professional app for learning languages for kids. Because it is designed with some experts and specialists of language in digital media. Thus they make it one of the best language learning apps.

Moreover, it is featured with nine different levels, which are composed of some audio that are of native speakers. Even you can re-play each group for better understanding. It is like a game where you can collect souvenirs throughout and unlock the videos. It not only makes it fun and attractive but also great for learning.

9. Teach kids language

It is also a fun app to teach children languages. Moreover, it has various modes like puzzles, quizzes, memory games, and many more. Most importantly, the app’s focus is on vocabulary and spellings of words. These words are the most common things like colors, animal names, shapes, and numbers. Your little champ can learn Spanish for free using this language learning app. Moreover, it is available in numerous languages like English, Dutch, Polish, and Esperanto. 

10. Pen Pal

The cutest and best app “Ponyo Pal” is great is a beginner to teach the French vocabulary. It is a flashcard language game for teaching language to kids. Moreover, there are 40 words on each level that comes with native speaker audio clips. 

In Conclusion: All these are the best language learning apps for kids. These allow them to explore new worlds with meanings and give them a good chance to learn correct pronunciation and spelling. Moreover, these are a form of free language learning for toddlers. If you want to make your kids some extra efficient in languages, you should check out all these amazing apps for several languages. 

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