Top 10 Awesome Learning Apps for Kids

Educational circles have developed many educational apps to facilitate the learning process for the kids. These apps are many in number and quality. Here are some specific best learning apps for kids that help to improve learning skills.

Best Learning Apps for Kids
Learning Apps for Kids

It is the world of science and technology. Every field of life has close concerns with the uses of current uses of computers. Internet services have extended information technology far and wide.

No field of life progresses now without the use of modern learning applications. The following are the most well-known learning apps for kids to learn around the world and this article highlights the common features and ways of uses the following educational apps for kids.

10 Best Learning Apps  For Kids

The major focus of kids’ learning seeks their interest in the due process of learning. These best educational apps serve the same objective. They enhance the interest of kids in the learning material and memory extensions.


First Launched in August 2011

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone 

Built by: Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don

Learning Fields: Study Communication

Age Level: 3 to 13 years

Learning benefits of Classdojo: Teachers and parents can communicate mutually with the students on their core study issues and interests. This app connects all three corners of the academic triangle for owing the success of learning. It is an extensive app that grasps the contents, skills, scores, and study lines of kids’ learning process.

2. Duolingo

First Launched in November 2011

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone

Built by: Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker

Learning Fields: Language Courses

Age Level: 5 years and above

Learning Benefits of Duolingo: It is a fine app helping uphold language courses for children. Language learning is the most basic tool on views of the learning process. Language serves as a medium of instruction. This app builds a child’s capability in extending the native language and doing the second language course.

3. Dragon Box

First Launched in May 2012

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone

Built by: We Want To Know AS

Learning Fields: Teaching Math and Science

Age Level: 4 to 12 years

Learning Benefits of Dragon Box: It is a game like an app for kids to learn math and science. The tool of multiple shapes and stages bearing tool of dragon supports learning a lot. The app can easily understand the basics of science and math. It directs the child on the path of learning through funny exercises. Science and math learning games also help to improve learning performance.

4. Quick Math

First Launched in November 1999

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone

Built by: GettiOnEm

Learning Fields: Algebra and Problem Solving

Age Level: 6 years and above

Using/Playing Value: An app is a helping tool in knowing the kids’ problem-solving techniques and elementary algebra. This app improves Counting principles and rudiments of algebra. It is a fine focus on all the math concepts, and children learn math at an early stage with the help of the application.

5. YouTube Kids

First Launched in December 2015

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone

Built by: YouTube LLC

Learning Fields: Diverse shows on learning

Age Level: 12 years and under

Learning Benefits for Youtube Kids: It is a multi-learning app for kids. It has many shows, music, videos, lessons, experiments, and ideas. With its professional motives, YouTube has built an interesting site for kids. It is at the same time a learning tool and entertainment-seeking app for kids of all types.

6. Science 360

First Launched in December 2009

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone

Built by: National Science Foundation

Learning Fields: Science and Technology

Age Level: 5 years and above

Learning Benefits of Science 360: It has plenty of scientific experimentation and basic technological tips for children. Here 360 represents a roundabout of the scientific features, frames, and science experiments for kids. Almost every discipline of science has been taken into account in the app. The attractive patterns of the app increase the curiosity of children for scientific study.

7. Flow Free

First Launched in June 2012

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone

Built by: Big Duck Games LLC

Learning Fields: Mathematics and Painting

Age Level: 6 years and above

Learning Benefits of Flow Free: The app presents many clues on learning the mathematical and painting techniques to the kids. The free-floating objects are grouped alike to develop various wonderful structures. The painting practices and counting queries are special ones on this app. Kids formulate their ideas and concepts with visionary scratches.

8. Spelling Stage

First Launched in September 2017

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone

Built by: Know it All US

Learning Fields: Spelling Skills

Age Level: 4 years and above

Learning Benefits of Spelling Stage: This is a unique app for kids to build up their memory and practice spelling skills. Spelling ever remains a difficult task for the kids; with the support of this app, children build up their memory by practicing the spelling stages. Different easy to complex stages have been constructing in the app.

9. My Molecularium

First Launched in August 2017

Platform: Android, iSO, Windows, iPhone

Built by: Common Sense Media

Learning Fields: Basic Structures in Science

Age Level: 5 years and above

Learning Benefits of My Molecularium: This is the best app for children to know the chemical composition of matter and some other basic structures. Children come in a display of the building blocks of matter. They can easily grasp their knowledge of science with interest and curiosity. Arrangements and compositions of compounds and solutions are easy to learn with the app’s help.

10. Dexteria Dots 2

First Launched in August 2014

Platform: Android, iso, windows, iPhone

Built by: Chrisanne and Grise

Learning Fields: Motor Skills and Math Mazes

Age Level: 4 years and above

Using/Playing Value: The app is a wonderful invention for kids to learn math and further their motor skills. It is a special app for activating the kinds’ minds to push them into the world of knowledge. Motor neurons come into action in expanding the learning capacity of the kids.

In Conclusion: Learning about the kids is a serious task and the above-listed learning apps have wide uses in teaching the kids at ease. These apps view the entire field of study for the kids. The selection of the apps has been made with careful consideration. Apps of all educational fields have been grouped here. They motivate the children to run on the learning path smoothly throughout their lives. It is hoped that the article will serve a positive role in kids’ learning.


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