Children Libraries: Top 10 Library Activities for Kids

Here we discuss about the  best library activities for kids and children’s libraries.  If Parents want their children to be productive, they need to visit the children’s library to get a better learning process.

Library Activities for Kids
Library Activities for Kids

Benefits of children libraries: Why is reading important for child development? At an early age, child learning power is drastically fantastic. It is easy to develop any habit in childhood, so reading habits develop in children is an essential step in making them grow in their future.

Moreover, Children libraries are beneficial in four ways:

  • Children’s libraries provide equal access to information and resources. For those who don’t have access to computers or the digital world, libraries are best. It provides equal information that others can get from the internet.
  •  it provides a sense of community. Children come and meet their community fellows or class fellows. Also, some libraries arrange concerts or movies for the engagement of kids.
  • Libraries teach them responsibility and accountability. Kids love to own a card, but it comes with lots of responsibility. Children are accountable and responsible too for their cards.
  • Libraries provide lifetime learning. Kids learn a lot of things there. There is learning in every book and every paper. In short, libraries encourage kids to discover new worlds.

Importance of libraries for kids

We can’t ignore the importance of libraries for kids. Kid’s library is a place with millions of informative things with excellent knowledge. Moreover, it serves as a storehouse for students who gather information. Libraries impact positively on the child’s academic performance. Through libraries, kids develop learning habits and came to know about so many important information.

10 Best Library Activities for kids

Here are some activities for kids to do in the library. These can help you to engage your kids in the library to get advantage of this knowledge hub.

1. Scavenger hunt

This is a famous activity to do by everyone as well as kids in libraries. You just need to make a list of interesting books including story, informative or coloring books. Then ask your kid to find out these books from the library. If a kid is not able to read, then just show them pictures and images of the book magazine computer or that they can find these pictures on books easily.

2. Making pyramids

It is a very interesting activity to develop a concept of sequence and size of things. Also, children love to collect books of different size width and colure.

Ask your kids to make pyramids with them in descending order. It is beneficial for the young one to spend time in the library as the surrounding environment can affect the nature and psyche of kids.

 3. Can play Board games or chess

Some libraries have a board game just for kids. These games can help your kids to develop their intellectual skills.

4. A suitable place for drawing and Coloring

Because the kid is immature to browse pictures on a mobile phone or the internet so, take them to the library and help them to find pictures of their choice so that they can draw and color them easily in a calm and peaceful place.

Coloring is great fun and art to do be done intelligently without distraction, so libraries can be the best place to find pictures from any book or magazine and then draw them accordingly.

5. Puzzles solving

Puzzles games are always interesting for kids. Words puzzles, picture puzzles, and block puzzles can help to sharpen the brain activity.

Some libraries have different parts of pictures like animals, birds, superheroes, batman Spiderman, etc. on cards. Kids have to join the pieces of cards to make a complete picture by joining these parts.

6. Magazine

Libraries have magazines for kids. Reading a magazine is an interesting activity to know about new things and current affairs.

7. Write a story

 Libraries are the best source to enhance creative and critical thinking by providing a variety of unique books on the different schools of thought. Kids can write a story by getting help from different books.

8. Prepare for Quiz

Kids can get help from libraries to answer the questions or to prepare for quizzes. Give a list of questions to your kids. Then ask your little one to find their answer from different this way the child can learn to correlate different thoughts hence, it helps in improving critical analysis in your kids with more knowledge.

9. Get help in homework projects

Kids can get help from local libraries to complete their homework projects. Kids can go to the library and do their homework innovatively and creatively by concerting different books.

10. Reading Books

A library is the place of books.   Kids also love Audiobooks and also want to read storybooks. Let the child select the best book and borrow it for your kids. This activity enhances the kids reading and creative skills.

Top 10 children libraries

We have looked into numerous libraries to get the top 10 among them. Their selection is not based on their looks but also on the programs they offer.

1. Brentwood library

It is located in the USA with the best fantasy place. The fantasy world welcomes visitors to the library children’s area. The design of the library is set with oversized books, cozy corners, and rooted trees. Thus, the place is best for enjoying the reading.

2. My Tree House

It is the world’s first green library situated in Singapore. The library guarantees its future with sustainable material for the structure. Not only this, the library best reading material within a safe place. It can be at the forefront of the library for any eager mind.

Moreover, the features of the library include LED lighting. Recycled bookshelves are also in the library, topped by the centerpiece. Even a treehouse is made up of recycled bottles, which are donated by supporters. Not only is this, but the collection of the library also green. Fifteen thousand are on the ideas and information about the environment.

3. Stephen Perse foundation junior school library

The library is located in the UK. The idea behind this is the Stephen Perse Foundation wanted a creative learning space. Moreover, the main focus was on reading and storytelling. The library’s design is inspired by the supersized books, words, and letters. It also includes a tree of knowledge. Thus, it is a multi-functional space with interactive technologies.

4. The library of Muyinga

The library of Muyinga is in Burundi and built with local materials such as wood, rope, or earth blocks. It is designed by BC Architectures, which includes some fantastic handmade hammock. Their kids can read and give their imagination free space. Not only this, the library can be a part of the inclusive school for deaf children in the future.

5. Ninos Conarte

The Ninos Conarte is a reflection of heritage, geography, and function. Moreover, the library is a clash of architecture and culture. Mexico is a city of Monterrey. It is full of industries and mountains, and that idea is used in the Children’s library. Even the library reflects peaks, valleys, open spaces, and structures.

Furthermore, Monterrey is the third largest metro-area of Mexico. Also, it is well-known for its strong industrial backbone and beautiful mountains. Not only this, the bookshelves are like a playground, and it is for all age children.

6. Poplar Library

The poplar library is situated in Beijing. Sako Architectures design it. It is some sort of book store with a fantastic design. It has an event room, and store on different floors. While both are connected with colorful ribbons.

7. Safe Haven library

The safe-haven library is a project which is headed by a professor and architect. They brought the architect students to fulfill the needs of orphaned children.

Thus, Burmese orphans have access to games, books, and other educational materials at haven orphanage. The focus of Safe Haven Library was to match the structure with the environment. That means the inside is cool and bamboo. It is for excellent ventilation.

8. Biblioburro

He is a teacher of a primary school in Colombia. Furthermore, the library is brought via Biblioburro to the readers. The mission of Luis is to bring books to children who are in rural areas. When the library mountain is far from home, then the mountain takes a donkey. He makes it happened for two decades with donkeys, namely Alfa and Beto.

9. Soneva Kiri library

The library is located in Thailand and is a wonderland on the tress for children. Furthermore, space is constructed with bamboo, which shows meaningful entertainment, ecology, and entertainment.

10. Biblo Toyen

Biblo Toyen is created only for kids by focusing on all their kids. In Oslo, it is breaking the records and being the one that is all for children. The drone is there in the library that flies around the library.

The purpose of the drone is to scanning and locating the books. Even the checkout desk is also replaced by a chip system embedded. The best things about this library are that it is not only for books.

There are several activities for kids like drama, music, and Lego building. Moreover, this place is best for school-age children where they can go after school programs.

In conclusion: These top libraries are the best for the children. Libraries not only develop the reading skills but also best for their growth. Furthermore, kids learn responsibility, community interactions, and accountability. So, we hope that these top 10 children libraries will help you in your cause.

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