Top 10 Math Activities for Preschoolers

Math activities for preschoolers: Math skills are essential for preschoolers which helps them in their schooling. Mostly, kids love to play mathematic and learn numbering or counting before going to school. These are playful and engaging ways to teach kids math.

Math Activities for Preschoolers
Math Activities for Preschoolers

For this, the top 10 kids’ math activities are round-up for your kid’s strong foundation of mathematics. These activities are playful but meaningful and purposeful too!

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The benefit of math learning activities in childhood:

Math skills are as much important as reading skills. Thus, the importance of preschool math can’t be denied. There are several benefits of math activities which are:

  • Kids will learn to count in a fun way which is the basic thing

  • They became familiar with numbers

  • Kids can recognize the numbers easily

  • The kids can differentiate among the numbers

  • Kids will perform well in class because counting is the base of math

  • They will enjoy while learning math and take it as a game

Top 10 Preschool Math activities 

Do you want to keep your kid ready for school? Preschool math is a fun way to prepare them for school.  The following are the top 10 math activities for preschoolers and they help to improve the math skills of your child with ease in a fun way.

1. Fingerprint counting

Make cute emojis numbering from 1 to 10. Give poster colors or any paint to kids and direct them to dip their fingers in the paint. After that, print the finger in front of the emoji by counting the same number which is written there.

For example, if the number is written is two, then put two prints in front of it. It is a fun way to teach them counting. Kids will enjoy it too because fingerprinting is the favorite part of every child.

2. Match the numbers

Take a paper and draw a line in the center. Write numbers on one side and draw cute diagrams of cats, fruits, etc. on the other side randomly.

Tell your kid to match the correct numbers by a line by counting the diagrams. It will encourage the toddler to count the objects in the diagram. Also, it helps them in recognition of the numbers.

3. Complete the train

Kids learn more in the form of games and playing. Draw a train on the cardboard with 10 compartments. Cut each compartment into separate pieces.

Write 1 to 10 numbers on each compartment and give them to the kid. Instruct him/her to complete the train by arranging the correct numbers line wise. It will help the preschooler to learn what comes next after a certain number.

4. Come forward

Do this fun activity with your kid and taught him/her counting. Because kids love to do those things which are related to physical activities. Tell the kid to stand in front of you. And tell them to come forward to the same steps which you direct. For example, if you direct him/her to come forward three steps, he/she will count the steps for this purpose. Repeat the procedure seven to eight times.

5. Put the balls

Take some baskets and stick cardboards on each by writing different numbers on it. Set the baskets in a line. Give some balls to your kid. Direct them to put the same number of balls which is written on the basket. They will count and put the balls accordingly. It will give them the encouragement to read the numbers. Also, improve their counting too.

6. Walkthrough the numbers

For this activity, draw numbers on floors. Make sure that they are big enough that your kid can easily walk on it. Tell your kid to walk through that number which you mentioned.

For example, if you say that walk on number two, then he/she will walk on the structure of number two which you have drawn on the floor. It will help the kids in recognition of the numbers. Also, they will learn to write the numbers too.

7. Color the blocks

Draw some blocks on paper. Write numbers from 1 to 10 in the first column of the paper. Give your toddler different colored pencils. Tell him/her to fill the number of blocks with colors as mentioned in the very first line.

For example, if there is a number four, then the kid has to fill the four blocks of the same row. It will boost the kids counting and help them differentiate in numbers. Furthermore, the coloring makes this activity more towards the fun way.

8. Apple on the tree

Draw 8 to 10 trees on paper. Draw a different number of apples on each tree. Tell your kid to count the number of apples and tell it to you. Repeat the procedure with other trees too. Through this, they will learn counting in a fun manner. It will also polish the focus level of the kid.

9. Fill  the missing

Make a picture of stairs on paper. Write numbering in a way that the second step after one step is empty. It means the numbers should be on alternative steps. Then, ask your kid what should be the correct number for space. It will help the kids in critical thinking and strengthen their counting. They will learn to focus on little things.

10. Choose the correct option

Draw cupcakes on a paper with small colorful bounties. Write the three options of the number of bounties on the cupcake. Make sure one number should be correct. Repeat the same procedure with other cupcakes too. Tell your kid to choose the correct option. It will make the kid’s mind clear about numbers.

Conclusion: It is fun to teach math to preschoolers. They don’t need sheets or anything, you can be taught them in a fun way by following the above top 10 math activities for kids. Also, they will learn counting and recognition of numbers. Preschool math will make their math base strong for school.

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