Best Classroom Decoration Strategies for preschool

Classroom decoration ranked high learning places in civilized societies. They play an important role in child learning process and development. Humanity focuses on the role of classrooms in history. A short history of Classroom Decoration In the ancient civilizations of Roman, Greek, and Arabian origin, the classroom organization got focal importance in the academic scenario.

Top 23 Kindergarten Books

This is the list of fruitful and favorite Kindergarten books for kids learning. These books are widely used in the USA, UK, and other advanced countries under the syllabi of the Kindergarten School System. In the most caring schools of developing countries also use these books for the kids at KG levels. These books follow

How to Improve Quality of Education In the Classroom

Defining quality in kids’ education is a crucial and challenging task. Quality in early education prepares the kids for success in primary education.  The kids will not be able to face the social and academic challenges in latter life without quality early childhood education.  In fact. early education is a critical period for the kid