How To Involve the Uneducated Parents In Child Education

The positive role of parents is essential to improve a child’s academic achievements. They always have best wishes and high expectations for the best performance of their children in t academic career. However, sometimes parents feel helpless to support their children and they don’t know how they can play a positive role in their child’s

4 Ways to Change Child Antisocial Behaviors

There are many topes of antisocial behaviors such as aggression, lie, violence, and anger, etc. On the other hand, pro-social behaviors include cooperation, helping, and sharing.   Pro-social behaviors enable the child to adjust in school and build a good peer relationship more quickly than the child who doesn’t have pro-social behaviors. Sometimes, antisocial behaviors become

Top 10 Qualities of Best Teacher In Early Childhood Education

Every teacher wants to become the best teacher.  The question arises here, what makes the best teacher or what are the top qualities of the best teacher.  Quality teaching is important to factor to increase learning quality in child education. The teacher plays multiple roles in the classroom such as observer, listener, planner, communicator, collaborator,

Top 10 Benefits of Parental Involvement in School

It is well documented that effective parental involvement is necessary to improve child learning performance. Parents play a great role in improving their child’s educational stander. In fact, Parent’ contribution has many positive effects on child academic success. Because of this, the school should try to involve the parents in child learning activities. What is

Top 10 Learning Skills for Children and How to Develop them

Develop learning skills is an essential factor in early childhood education.  It is well recognized that investment in early childhood education is more important than investment in later life. Family and school play a key role in building cognitive and non-cognitive skills in children. Parents should make effective activities that help to improve the learning