Top 10 Easy Painting Ideas for Kids

There are many painting ideas for kids. Kids love painting, but it is difficult for the little ones to use paintbrushes properly and even they can hurt themselves or other kids.

 Easy Painting Ideas for Kids
Easy Painting Ideas for Kids

Importance of painting for kids: Children’s artistic education, especially artistic activities like painting, encourages children’s attitudes toward creation and innovation. The painting also helps children in improving problem-solving and decision-making skills.  So Through this, children are no longer afraid of individuality and are likely to make their own decisions when needed. So following are the easy and innovative painting ideas for toddlers or preschool kids.

Learning Benefits of painting

Panting and artistic activities increase several learning skills in children. So the following are some important benefits of painting activities”

  •  Improve children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Children learn to value themselves
  • They can express with colors what they think
  • Develop a love for the beauty of nature and colorful
  • Enhances kids personality and creativity
  • It helps them to “move forward” to achieve their goals and dreams
  • On the other hand, self-confidence may not necessarily be directed only at themselves. Self-confident children learn to trust others at the same time, which forms the basis for cooperation.

 What are the Easy Painting Ideas for Kids

Kids love painting and it enhances their learning abilities. Parents and teachers should create the painting and other art activities for kids to boost their social and learning performance. So here are some fun and simple painting ideas for beginners.

1.Painting with milk and candle flame

It is always entertaining to experiment and try to draw with non-traditional means.  You are looking for beginner painting ideas, therefore; we tried drawing with milk and a candle flame. Adult supervision is necessary for this experiment to succeed and be performed safely!

 Required Material
  • Drawing paper
  • Skimmed milk
  • Ear clip
  • Burning candles

How to paint

  • Take a toothpick, dip it in milk,
  • Draw something on a white drawing sheet.
  • After the milk has dried, raise the leaf about 2 cm above the candle Flame so that the candle heats the wrong side of the leaf.
  • Please do not keep the sheet very close to the flame to prevent it from igniting.
  • You should feel how close you can keep and how far it will be too far away (because nothing will happen).
  • The bright lines bring a lot of joy and wonder.
  • The picture gets really nice.

2. Painting “Flowers” using watercolors

We found this method of drawing in one book. Kids really liked it because it is simple and wonderful.

 Required Material
  • A sheet of watercolor paper
  • Paper towel
  • Pencil

How to paint

  • Make a sheet of paper from several matching or favorite colors.
  • Then carefully lift the sheet to allow the toner to run down.
  • Here we have a flower stalk.
  • Wait for everything to dry well and make dots in the middle.
  • If you want something more, draw beetles, leaves, draw petals with a black pen.

3. Draw Sunny Ornaments

One sunny day we were playing hide and seek. Creative hiding places with sun and clouds gave great results. Together with the sun, we drew a drawing called “Sunny Ornaments.” There are a lot of easy painting ideas for beginners. Let’s try it.

 Required Material
  • An uneven pattern curtain
  • The sun is smiling through the window,
  • Take a sheet of white paper,
  • Pencil or pen

How to paint

  • Sit closer to the window, place a white sheet of drawing paper on the table.
  • The shadows of the curtain fall on the sheet, so take a pencil and draw.
  • When you have finished drawing, color.
  • We really like the friendship between wax crayons and watercolors.
  • The drawing is so easy… that we drew the drawing, captured the outlines of the shadows with wax chalk, and painted the drawing with watercolor.

4. Painting  with Feather

It is always perfect to look at the sky and look for “living” clouds. Sometimes clouds of clouds roll across the sky, sometimes feathers of clouds fly, and when you look at the sky well, it is full of animals and angels.

After one such observation, we remembered that we had feathers at home and thought it would be exciting and fair to draw feather clouds with a feather and kids’ color in them.

 Required Material
  • Feather
  • Blue paper
  • Painting colors

How to paint

  • To make our skies look as reliable as possible, chose blue paper.
  • Mixed a drop of white gouache with a sliver of water because the feather is soft, the clouds need to be light, so the paint needs to be liquid.
  • Lightly lubricate the feather and draw feather clouds with a light hand.

5. Drawing Funny face on pebbles

It is one of the most interesting and fun paintings for kids. And easy and simple painting idea for beginners

  • Pebbles of different size and shape
  • Marker colors

how to paint

  • When you find a beautiful pebble, grab a marker and
  • Draw a funny smile on pebbles.
  • Of course, it can be sad, angry, worried.
  • Try to create characters of all moods
  • A warm smile cheers lift the mood of others

6. Drawing an autumn tree

Simple drawing method and amazing result! So we draw a tree, give it a try.

 Required Material
  • Cotton balls
  • A sheet of watercolor paper;
  • Thick brush.

How to paint

  • Paint your palm with brown paint and leave its stamp on the paper.
  • Then take a thick brush and lubricate one corner of it green and the other yellow.
  • Tap” the excess toner on a cloth and gently tap the sheets by touching the ends of the bristles with the ends of the bristles.
  • If you need to wash the brush, then wipe it with a cloth to keep it from getting too wet.
  • Autumn tree leaves can also be drawn with fingers.

7.Draw a portrait of Summer

The sun is smiling at us; nature is painting in various colors, the holiday and travel season begins. Capture every ray of sunshine and warm every corner of your heart, capture beautiful moments and close them in the drawers of memories, and draw a warm and colorful portrait of a tangled Summer after visiting in a creative mood.

 Required Material
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paints
  • Black pen
  • Red felt-tip pen
  • Cocktail straw

 How to paint

  • Draw a summer face on a large sheet with a pen or felt-tip pens. Now imagine that you are a very famous hairdresser and create a hairstyle for her.
  • First, make a colored pile on a sheet of watercolor paper.
  • Then take the straw and blow the ball through it in all directions.
  • Use all the most beautiful colors to draw your hairstyle to create a very playful Summer Portrait.

8. Printmaking art using raw material

Printmaking is an elementary and useful art for kids. Your kids can explore different colors, patterns, and textures. It is a very cheap and simple activity using raw materials; kids can search the houses and recycling bin and collect things that can help your kids to make unique designs. Here is a creative art painting idea for kids

 Required Material
  • Search in recycle bin and collect things that might be used for printing like corks, crumpled wraps, toothbrushes, bottle lids, etc
  • White paper
  • Acrylic paints
  • Recycled containers or Paint trays

How to paint

  • Tap your white paper on the dining table
  • Put all the printmaking material on the paper
  • Now create pretty cool designs by mixing different color combinations using raw material of different shapes
  • After completing it, you can use this paper as gift wraps or greeting cards, or painting to hang on the wall
  • It is an easy and fun activity to use nontraditional tools for painting
  • It is a great kindergarten and preschool activity

9. Canvas filled with buttons

Use the canvas as more types of boards where the buttons become colored.

 Required Material
  • Canvas
  • Button
  • Painting colors

How to paint

  • Use different canvas
  • Put together a variety of buttons in different colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Let your child hold them on the canvas
  • You can use them to outline and fill a space
  • Draw a contour first, then use the buttons to fill them.

10. Black glue jelly art

Black glue is an effortless combination of PVA glue and black acrylic paint.

 Required Material
  • Glue PVA
  • Black color Acrylic Paint
  • Media Paper

How to paint

  • Make a Black glue
  • Paint can make the mixture runny; start small.
  • Once you’ve mixed the black glue,
  • Make a jellyfish outline and follow the outline.
  • Leave this painting with black glue to dry over the entire night.
  • After that, add the watercolor paint.
  • Add a light wash of water around the outline of the jellyfish.
  • And enjoy fantastic painting

In conclusion: These easy and simple painting ideas for Kids to help your kids to paint at school and at home as well. Select any painting idea and enjoy painting with little champs.

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