Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Child Development

Technology has positive and negative effects on child development. When we talk about child development, it’s different because children did not become aware of its positive and negative aspects. They need proper guidance to select the appropriate application that can help to make their life easy and enhance their learning abilities.

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Child Development
Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Child Development

When children learn the choice of the proper apps or websites, then allow them to use the internet safely.

Importance of Technology:

Technology becomes the most important for human survival and nobody can imagine life without technology. Technology has beneficial aspects in over life, but at the same time, it also affects over life in both ways positive and negative.

It’s on you, how you can use it. There are many brain exercises for children that enhance your child’s abilities and mentality. You can also measure your child’s IQ through IQ measuring tools for free.

Top 10 Positive Effects of Technology On Child Development

The following are the top 10 Effects and benefits of technology for child development.:

1. Emergency Help

Technology can be a lifesaver sometimes. If your child alone at home or in the car and gets suffered, your child can help himself through smartphone applications such as he can make a video call to a doctor or call an ambulance to save his life. So, make sure your child should know the use of smartphones and other equipment.

2. Source of Knowledge 

Now the internet becomes a significant source of knowledge. Many children’s books are available on the internet that helps the child increase their knowledge, become independent learners, and gain confidence. The other positive effect of the internet when children go through the library, they get a lot of information that can increase their interest in reading.

3. Boost mental Abilities

Some many applications and tools help boost your child’s intelligence. You will find out many educational and instructional exercises to enhance mental health. There are educational games and different little tasks for about 20 minutes to improve memory, attention, visual, and listening skills.

4. Social interactions

Social media websites and apps bring a massive change in 21 century. These social media sites and apps help the children enhance their abilities to make good interactions in their social circle. They use visual learning or audio file recording that makes them confident and can engage them in social marketing in the future.

5. Improve Health

There is a lot of clinical application that helps a lot in an emergency and provides treatment through visual counseling. Such as you drop your sign of disease, and the health app will answers you within a few seconds. Furthermore, a child can check his BP and other defects.

6. Improve Problem Solving Skills

When children understand the use of technology at their early age, they consider as skilled people in the modern world. It also increases the ability to critically thinking and problem-solving skills. A child who can use the technology at an early age can solve the quiz more quickly than the other one.

7. Enhance motor skills

The use of technology enhances hand and eye coordination and fine motor skill. Many fast online games require quick movement and attention, strengthening the muscles and eye coordination. This type of gaming helps the children better and quickly analyze the educational task.

8. Encourages imagination

Technology enhances children’s imagination when they saw different things and their processes. They try to create more things on their imaginations and get encouragement to do something new. It enhances their learning abilities skills to perform in the future better.

9. Enhance listening Skills 

 Children love to watch videos, and through watching content videos, they focus on tape and try to listen to content that enhances the understanding power and listening skills equally. They directly try to copy the characters, so try to provide good content videos that enhance your child’s learning abilities.

10. Communication skills

The social platform provides good communication skills. They have to communicate with people of different regions that enhance communication skills. They know about their and others’ culture and traditions.

Negative Effects of technology on Child Development

Sometimes, technology negatively affects child development when they lack guidance and misuse it. They need proper advice to tip to select the appropriate apps that can help them to make their life easy and enhance their learning abilities. So When children become able to choose their proper choice to select the correct application or website, they can use the internet safely.

 Some are the harmful effects of technology are:

  • Overuse causes sleeping problems.
  • Emotional attachment problems.
  • Digital eye strain.
  •  Other chronic illnesses.


Technology has positive and negative effects on child development but depends on what he chooses. Try to provide the proper guideline and platforms to your child that enhance their abilities to better survive in the future with positive attitudes.