Top 10 Qualities of a Good Kindergarten Teacher

The good kindergarten teacher should equipped some good qualities because he is considered the backbone of this education system. Kindergarten literally means garden of kids’. It is an education system for young children age 3 to 6.

Qualities of a Good Kindergarten Teacher
Qualities of a Good Kindergarten Teacher

This system was firstly introduced in the USA. kindergarten education system comprises such methods, activities, and skills which are necessary for the children at an early age of learning.

Teachers equipped with such kids’ specific skills and methods are called kindergarten or KG teachers. Small children appear delicate in manners and structure. They require special treatment. Thus kindergarten teachers must be trained to attain some special qualities.

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How to Become a Good Kindergarten Teacher

There are the top 10 qualities of a good kindergarten teacher to teach effectively in  the classroom:

1.Professional Passion

The profession of teaching requires passion and a strong will for guiding the kids. Without a passion for teaching, the work becomes dull and ineffective. The passion-based approach is a basic quality of a good kindergarten teacher. Interests in work increase with passion that in turn make teaching worthy and fruitful. Passions pave a successful soaring way for a teacher.

2. Competency

Competency means working skills and knowledge proficiency. Both of these are necessary domains for teaching. A kindergarten teacher must be provided well with these traits. These are fundamental characteristics for teaching the students an early age. The working skills and knowledge proficiency bring up the teaching competency in the KG teachers. The teacher must be able to arrange play activities for learning.

3. Patience Practices

Teaching the kids is not an easy task. It is difficult to bring the kids on an earning path. A KG teacher thus faces many hurdles in dealing with young students. This all requires patient practices for teachers. A kindergarten teacher should handle the task of teaching in a state of patience. Naughty and troubling kids can be taught only with patient practices.

4. Preparedness

For the kindergarten teaching process, preparedness is a compulsory practice. It contains all the activities and things that are pre-class necessities. It includes thinking of proper activities, choosing the playing tools, setting objectives, considering proper methods and skills. After being prepared for the lesson, a teacher feels at ease. He can teach the class successfully with preparedness. Thus a kindergarten teacher seeks good preparation before entering a KG class.

5. Creativity

A teacher cannot rightly be called a kindergarten teacher unless it focuses on creativity. Students at their early stages learn logically. Each and every tip of knowledge or play should be explained to them through creative activities. Creative activities solidify the learning process. Every practical activity has some creativity in it. Children learn fast through creative activities.

6. Flexibility

Balanced teachers need flexibility in their practices and characters. It is displayed in choices and dealings. Flexibility in choices means variety in selecting the teaching items. Then flexibility in dealings means practicing various skills in different situations. For kids, a flexible kindergarten teacher is a blessing. Flexibility helps the teacher to deal with the kids with psychological needs.

7. Respect for Students

Students of KG teachers are just like blank sheets. A kindergarten teacher has to write the future behavioral needs on it. Teachers can build a sense of greatness among kids through respect them. They should deal with respect. The kids should be kept away from negative trends at an early age. A teacher must respect the likings and choices of the students. Respectful dealing also builds up a sense of responsibility among the kids.

8. Forgiving Attitude

Forgiving attitude is one of the most important attitudes of the kindergarten teacher. Kids commit errors and mistakes. A kindergarten teacher should forgive the mischievous acts from the students with proper advice. Forgiveness improves the learning interests of the kids. Thus forgiving attitude is a primary characteristic of a kindergarten teacher.

9. Showing Nearness

A kid requires a personal touch with a teacher.  The nearness helps to know the nature of kids and their inner feelings. The teacher’s personal contact with kids can become supportive in running the teaching process. A kindergarten teacher must ensure nearness to the kids to win their confidence.

10. Impartiality

A teacher is a guide and torchbearer of knowledge. The kindergarten teacher cannot behave partially. All students are equal to the teacher. No child should be given partial favor. This is a bad act on behalf of a teacher. This spoils the image of the teacher in the innocent minds of the kids. Teachers should give them equal opportunity and respect. The teachers must deal with the students equally in their lessons and in the games.

In Conclusion: Kindergarten teaching is a tough job.  The kindergarten teachers should become role models for the students. The above qualities play an important role in becoming a good teacher. These qualities make the teachers role models in real sense. These top ten qualities of a kindergarten teacher make teaching a successful process.

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