Top 10 Free Online Science Games For Kids

Science games provide scientific knowledge to the kids through play and fun and children learn so quickly and fast.  They help the children learn the primary ideas and concepts of science.

Top 10 Free Online Science Games For Kids
Science Games For Kids

The world around us is full of scientific facts and science is base on observations and experiments. These observations and experiments build up the discovery powers of the children and motivate them to learn science.

Science games are essential for kids in many ways, and these games explore nature with science. Online science games are a sure source of scientific knowledge for kids out of the scientific laboratories.

How to Select the Science Games

Several sites have uploaded many free online science games. The selection of the best science games for kids is hard for the teachers and the parents. They must consider some points in the selection of free online science games for children. They need three points to focus on. First is a topic concern, second is the level of knowledge, and third is the scientific value of a game.

10 Best Free Online Science Games for Kids

Here are Top 10 free online science games for kids on various topics and tools of science. Hopefully, these games will support the kids a lot in learning the most basic concepts of science. In a play mode, children learn with interest and liking.

1. Food Chains 

Created by: Science Kids

Description: From this game, kids learn about various food patterns of animals and plants. They sort them into different categories on the methods of getting food. They discover the food relationship of living organisms. This food relationship is called the food chain in science. Kids will enjoy the challenge of this interactive food chain game.

2. Forces In Action 

Created by: Science Kids

Description: This game teaches the children about different forces in action. They experience gravities, weights, motions, and resistances or frictions. Kids record the results in a table as they run the game. They find out facts and enjoy the fun. This is one of the best science games teaching physics to the kids.

3. Changing Sounds 

Created by: Science Kids

Description: Children learn about changing sounds and musical aspects of this game. They practice different musical instruments with fun while playing the game. Kids pull strings of different lengths that result in a variety of sounds. There are various musical instruments such as drums, the guitar and even pipes with blowing bottles.. Kids will enjoy the challenges of this cool science game.

4. Human Body 

Created by: Turtle Diary

Description: This is an informative game on the human body. Kids know the names and functions of different organs while playing the game. It is the best learning science game to teach biological aspects to the kids. With this game, they learn many things about themselves at an early age. The game is popular among the children’s circles.

5. Matter Detector 

Created by: Turtle Diary

Description: Children learn matter, its states, structure and property. The game helps the children in detecting different states of matter. They learn a lot about the properties of matter. In-play mode, kids learn the detection of matter varieties. They enjoy knowing new and interesting facts about the matter. The game is really a knowledge treasure for the kids.

6. The Water Cycle

Created by: Turtle Diary

Description: This is a fine science game for kids. From the online playing of the game, children learn attractive traits of water. Water is everywhere around in the form of rivers, clouds, rains, and vapors, etc. It enables the children to discover the wonderful properties of matter. They learn in fun and enjoy every stroke of the game.

7. Grow A Plant 

Created by: Turtle Diary

Description: It is a basic human activity to grow plants. Children observe different plants growing around them. The game teaches the children about the whole procedure of plant growth. In their play, kids learn the growth stages of a plant. This is a basic game on plants’ life. Kids know much from the game about the role of plants in the human environment.

8. Animal Maze 

Created by: Turtle Diary

Description: It is an attractive game for finding animals. The children play the game to reach more and more animals with successive tricks. Children discover animals of different kinds and sizes. They become aware of so many animals from this maze game. The game is a whole animal laboratory for early childhood.

9. Ocean Movie 

Created by: Sheppard Software

Description: It is an extensive movie about the oceans. The movie runs in the form of a game and children start the game and win rewards as more and more ocean spectacles. The game contains impressive features of oceans and sea life there. Kids know the vast expense of the oceans and observe various sea creatures. It is really fun to enjoy and know.

10. Nutrition For Kids 

Created by: Sheppard Software

Description: Life runs on with food. The food items for kids are a part of their nutrition. The game teaches kids about different nutrition facts. They get information about good and bad food items from the game. The game also manages the food timings for the children. It is an interesting game on a balanced diet.

In Conclusion: For the playing purpose of these online games, Adobe Flash Player is used. The teachers or parents can advise and supervise their children in playing the games. They should also answer the certain basic question of the kids. This will certainly help the kids in building up high scientific concepts in their minds.

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