Top 10 Free Science Websites for Kids

Science websites can help the kids to understand science concepts and provide a great introduction to the exciting world of science. children can learn about the world around them while having fun and get them hooked on science and creative thinking in the process. So there are many wonderful and fantastic kid-friendly websites.

Science Websites for Kids
Science Websites for Kids

Importance of science website: Scientific thinking, asking questions, and seeking an explanation from the world around us. Fortunately, thanks to technology, today, the acquisition of knowledge is not limited to school.

Kids have many ways to approach science and stimulate curiosity and there also different approaches and ways to get knowledge outside of the school that help the children to improve academic performance and social well-being.

Benefits of Scientific Method and kids science websites

Surely now, you are beginning to see some usefulness to the scientific method, and it has come to your head one or two times when you have also used it, right? But in addition to being practical and effective, it can bring you much more:

1. Improve Decision Making

It is a perfect method for making decisions. When a problem arises, there is nothing better than putting all the information on the table, doing a little preliminary research, making a decision (hypothesis ), carrying it out ( experiment ), and then analyzing how things have gone. Like everything else, the more times we turn the wheel, the more we refine the shot.

 2. Enhance Curiosity 

It all starts with one question, but as you dive into the process, many others appear. It is a cycle that encourages our innate curiosity and strengthens our brain.

 3. Stimulate Learning 

As we grow older, we have a harder time learning. Children, however, have brains trained to learn effortlessly. They are always exploring and asking questions, transforming your experience into knowledge. They are experts in using the scientific method and making the most of it. What if we imitate them?

4. Exercise Creativity 

It’s about coming up with new ideas, new questions, new ways of testing our hypotheses. It is an exercise in constant creativity, and you know, the more you use a muscle.

5. Increase Resilience and Patience 

Trial and error is the best way to learn. No investigation would proceed without failure. Therefore, if the scientific method teaches us anything, it is to cultivate patience and resilience. To fail, analyze why it could have been, and try again, approaching the in a different way. Albert Einstein already said; “If you want different results, do not do the same”

6. Allows to Differential Between a Fact and Opinion 

Science is based on facts, not opinions. There has to be data to support any theory or hypothesis. Therefore,  developing our scientific culture helps us to work with a critical spirit. In a world where fake news and information manipulation are rampant, it is becoming more important than ever to distinguish between the two. 

7. Make Easy to Aching Goals

It is very difficult to move forward if kids do not know where the problem lies. Analyzing the results critically and objectively helps us see what works and what doesn’t. It allows children to see errors and identify what things do not quite fit. With that, of course, it is much easier to make decisions and overcome those small obstacles.

8. Enhance Self Improvement 

Science and the scientific method not only provide knowledge but give invaluable tools. They help to show the children a different way of looking at the world around them. Realizing that they are moving forward, that they are capable of solving problems.

Top 10 Free Science Websites for Kids

Here we have a list of the best science websites for kids to awaken the little scientists that inhabit our sons and daughters. Accompany them to discover space, quantum physics, chemistry, or biology in a didactic and appropriate way to stimulate their interest and to learn science online;  hopefully, kids will like these websites

1. BrainPOP Jr.

This science website gives a gentle, humorous introduction to science and SEM. It is one of the apps we have on every device in the house. With a fresh video every week, there is always something new to learn here. Everyday free movies include classifying animals and internet safety. Kids can expect interesting seasonal science videos and movies with related games and quizzes.

2. National Geographic Kids Website

National Geo Kids has a fantastic website packed with rich information on every science topic, from animals to space to the human brain. The kid-friendly website interface encourages kids to click around and explore videos, games, and maps.

3. Ology

Another science website for kids,  One that might be new to you is Ology from the American Museum of National History’s website. This science website’s user-friendly interface has many videos, games, and online books to read together. Explore by activity or topic. It has quickly become a favorite in our house. My kindergartner enjoys clicking around to find new issues.

4. PBS Kids 

The quality of shows is spectacular, and the app and website are no different. Kids have free access to safe and educational games. Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid, and Nature Cat are just a few of the excellent programs featured on the website, with many educational video games featuring the same characters.


The Scholastic website features learning activities aimed at kids ages 3-7. Explore games and videos with familiar characters such as Magic School Bus and Astroblast. You’ll probably want to play side-by-side, as this site requires a bit of reading, and printables are accessible from the main page – which is excellent for grownups but not outstanding for a click-happy five-year-old!

6. Extreme Science

Where is the deepest spot in the ocean? Which creature is the strongest? Want to know what the fastest land animal is? Take a look at this site for answers to these and other scientific record-breakers!

7. Science Kids 

Science Kids is a New Zealand website with tons of resources, experiments, information, games, and videos on science and technology to hook children. The content is excellent, and the navigation is simple, although, on the contrary, it is easy to click by mistake on commercial banners that, by their design, seem to be part of the page.

8. FreeSchool– YouTube

I love using FreeSchool to supplement a variety of subject areas. The videos gently introduce topics, slowing it down, and making it easy for young children to follow. FreeSchool covers a wide range of science topics, from animals to Earth science and into outer space.

9. Sci Show Kids-youtube

Some video programs are also important for learning science. We love Sci Show Kids. Hosts Jessie and Squeaks make science approachable and engaging with short, fast-paced videos. Sci Show Kids has answered just about every question we can have up within kindergarten.

10. Crash Course Kids-you tube

Ready to explore more in-depth? Crash Course Kids delves deep, covering topics over a few fast-paced episodes. Host Sabrina illustrates the information humorously and memorably, breaking it down into digestible chunks for young learn1- NASA Kids’ Club.

In Conclusion: These science websites help the kids to improve their science knowledge through science games, apps, shows, activities, and science experiments. Kids can get scientific knowledge the know about the world around them. These websites enable children to understand science concepts and knowledge.


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