Top 10 Best Self Esteem Activities for Kids

Self esteem activities can work as a building block for the future of kids. Building self-.esteem is necessary to get success in student and professional life. All the programs, training, and education systems require self-esteem enhancement intentions

Self Esteem activities for kids
Self Esteem Activities for Kids

The process of building self-esteem starts from one’s childhood. Many kids suffer low self-esteem due to many factors.  They are considered a part of a nation’s bright future, but unfortunately, they are victims of several cognitive, mental, and psychological problems nowadays. Parents can take important initiatives to improve children’s psychological health by raising Self-esteem. 

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is all about how people think about themselves, and it affects the personality, behavioral, cognitive, and clinical aspects of a child. We can say that self-esteem is the primary root of all personality traits, and it is a necessity of a kid’s proper mental growth and health.

Two Types of Self Esteem

There are found many types of self-esteem in literature, but only two types are mentioned here:

  1. One is what a child thinks about his/ her status as a person.
  2. Second is the perception of a child that what other people think about him or her.

Top 10 Benefits of High Self Esteem 

Self-esteem is essential for improving the self-development of children. Self-development refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessments that support human development at the individual level.

Self-esteem prepares the child to accept the difficult challenges, enabling the child to accomplish the tasks. As per the time uses, children are required to involve themselves with different types of activity. It is the parental responsibility to keep the children away from harmful activities. Following are the top benefits of high self-esteem for children:

  1. Children feel contented with their life because they know the pattern of self-respect.
  2. It enhances children’s confidence in their abilities to succeed.
  3. Children enjoy better relationships due to the better confidence of the people in them.
  4. Because of confidence in their strengths, children can manage everything.
  5. Children perform better at any task related to their studies and responsibilities.
  6. The life of a child becomes more exciting as they try to use every opportunity and task.
  7. Children realize that they don’t need to be perfect, so they feel less stressed.
  8. It is proved that self-esteem helps children adapt their behavior, values, and views to meet other people’s expectations.
  9. Children succeed in all spheres of life because they respect everyone.
  10. Self-esteem cares about the children’s recoveries of possible failures in life.

Top 10 Self Esteem Building Activities for Kids

Improving self-esteem or self respect is essential for children to make them aware of their capabilities to perform better in their careers. The skills and abilities of the children should keep on growing with the body growth of a child. The following are the best self esteem activities for kids:

1. Packing for a Trip

Packing might be one of the most beneficial self-esteem activities for kids. This is because it encourages independence and self-assurance. Young children enjoy this confidence-building activity. Before going on camping or a family trip, assign your child the responsibility of packing their own suitcase. Remind them of all of the things they will require during a journey.

It will motivate them to pack those items that are very important. Once they have finished packing, check their suitcases and ask them to think about any items they may have forgotten. If you notice that something is missing, then remind your children to pack it by asking something like, “So, are you all prepared to go for a swimming at the pool?” Instead of saying, “You forgot your swimwear,”

2. Invent a Recipe

Encourage your youngster to view mistakes as learning opportunities rather than as failures. Asking your kids to come up with their own pancake or sandwich recipe will gently encourage them to be creative. First of all, ask them to invent a new recipe. After that, write down a list of the ingredients and the quantities of each thing. Maintain close supervision to ensure that nothing harmful is eaten, but avoid interfering.

Allow your youngster to experiment with the recipe, even if they add something strange. You can always talk about how you could have made them taste better later. Creating a recipe allows your child to express their creativity while also allowing them to learn from experience.

3. Make a Slime

By displaying newly taught skills while engaging with others, children can gain self-assurance and confidence. Allow your kids to impress their classmates while having fun by showing them how to make “slime.”

Encourage your child to follow the instructions. Once your child has completed the slime-making procedure successfully, ask them to tell you about the entire process. Don’t forget to praise them for their efforts and slime-making techniques. Invite some buddies over so your child may showcase their slime-making techniques.

4. Chores to Do

Giving your child a suitable chore to do can help them develop a sense of responsibility and confidence. Moreover, it shows that you trust them.

They could be assigned to water plants, walk the dog in a park, or mop the floor. Praise them on their positive and healthy behavior with good remarks such as, “The plants look great and healthy because you’ve been taking care of them on a daily basis” or “Thank you for walking the dog” I’m sure he enjoys it.

Maintaining an accurate record of their progress and measuring their achievements can be done through a rewards chart. This will help them to boost up their self-esteem and confidence.

5. Positive Affirmation Challenge

Positive affirmations are an excellent tool for helping youngsters to build positive self-esteem. In addition, this can help in improving their overall well-being, boosting self-confidence, and inspiring creative thinking. This activity is an effective way of teaching kids how to reframe negative thoughts and utilize positive self-talk.

Introduce positive affirmations to your children by looking them in the eyes and saying something encouraging. This entertaining game will provide your child with some good examples of how to shift from negative to positive thinking.

6. Yoga Activity

Yoga is a mixture of physical motions, breathing exercises, and meditations. It is a wonderful exercise that is focused on the self, and it has a lot of other benefits as well.

A daily yoga exercise helps youngsters to enhance their concentration, self-esteem, memory, academic success and moral behavior. Moreover, it even helps them in lowering their anxiety and tensions. Yoga also teaches children discipline and allows them to be less impulsive. Introduce your children to a few breathing exercises that will help them to improve their mood.

7. Goals Planning

Making SMART goals for your child is an excellent method to boost their self-esteem. Please encourage your child to sit down and make a list of goals to help them prepare for any future events, challenges, or problems.

When your kid achieves their targeted goal, they will feel happy, building up their confidence. Don’t forget to celebrate with them after completing the goal.

8. Geocaching

Geocaching is one of the best self-esteem activities for kids. It provides countless opportunities for children of all skill levels to succeed. This game is simple to play and does not require any special equipment. All that will be required is a smartphone.

However, in order to play this game well, some preparation is needed, although this is a simple process. Navigate to the geocaching website and look for geocaches that are close to your current location. The excitement of the hunt, the sense of success, and the joy of discovering a treasure will all serve to boost their self-esteem. This will allow them to feel great about themselves.

9. Scavenger Hunt and Story Telling

A scavenger hunt is a great activity to build up self-confidence in kids. In this activity, each child is instructed to go and look for three specific items around the house or wherever they are playing this game.

When all of the objects are collected, put them on a table. After that, each kid will choose any three objects from the table and then use those objects in a story. This will strengthen their ability to think, and they will have a good time listening and telling these wonderful made-up stories with their friends.

Through this activity, they will feel good, and this will help them believe that they can do even better in the future.

10. Journal Making

Journal making provides children an excellent opportunity to learn about their thoughts and emotions. In addition, It helps your kids to show their creative skills and boost up their confidence. All of this leads to a lovely journey of self-discovery.

Take a blank journal that your child can personalize with their own style before starting to write in it. Teach them to write down a few positive things that occurred throughout the day before bedtime. Allow your kids to use different colour markers to decorate their journals. This continuous practice teaches your child to think about all of the positive things that happened during the day.

Inn Concluding: Let your kids make their little efforts to improve their personality; this can be a primary but essential step to boost your kid’s self-esteem. This article help the parents on how can they boost self esteem in their kids’. 

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