Top 10 Social Skills Activities for Kids

Social skills  activities prepares the kids for a lifetime of healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives, including school. Moreover, Kids with good social skills are more likely to have positive peer interactions. Whether he is a child, a preschooler, or a kindergarten student, Kids must learn basic social skills to help them solve their social problems.

So in this article, we will tell you about the Top 10 best social skills activities for kids and what are the benefits of social skills activities for kids.

Benefits of social skills activities for kids

Social Skills Activities for Kids
Social Skills Activities for Kids

Social skills for kids are very important, and it have a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  •  Improved communication skills with adults and peers
  •  Enhanced cooperative collaboration
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved active listening abilities
  •  Improved educational and professional outcomes
  •  Ability to set and achieving personal goals

A social skills checklist for kids

  1. Playing behavior
  2. Emotional understanding
  3. Conversational behavior and skills
  4. Problem solving skills
  5. Self confidence
  6. Team work collaboration
  7. Listening abilities
  8. Flexibility
  9. Compliments
  10. Communication skills

Top 10 Best Social Skills Activates  for Kids

Following are the top 10 best social skills activities for kids, which will help them in various aspects of their lives.

1. Staring contest

Most of the children are very shy and find it difficult to maintain eye contact during a conversation. A staring contest can teach your child to make and maintain eye contact that will help them concentrate on a given task while communicating at the same time. Building this social skill is essential since it demonstrates that you are engaged and paying attention, which is especially crucial when speaking to you.

2. Emotion Charades

It is the favorite social skills activity among kids. In this game, you have to write down different types of emotions on a piece of paper. Then one of the kids will pick any piece of paper out of the box of their choice.

After that, Kids will try to portray through their movement and facial expressions. Through this activity, kids will learn emotional management skills that help youngsters to build meaning full relationships.

3. Improvisational Storytelling

Storytelling is a fun activity for kids, but When you use improvisational tales, you add another difficulty to the game. Kids have to interact and build a narrative without having any prior knowledge of what is going to happen. In this activity, kids have to select different emotional cards, pictures, or objects and must include them in their stories.

The game ends with the end of the story. This activity will help them in building new ideas with the help of their friends.

4. Step into the conversation

It is a game or a learning tool for kids with an autism spectrum disorder. It helps them give the framework or support they require to engage in conversation with others.

This game teaches kids about how to interact with people with respect and kindness. Moreover, This game also helps kids to build social skills required to deal with everyday situations.

5. Simon says

Simon says is one of the best fun having social skills activity for kids. By copying the motions of their friends and following the instructions, Simon Says helps children to develop social skills such as self-control, listening skills, obedience, and impulse control.

Through this activity, kids will learn to pay attention and how to make well-informed decisions in future situations.

6. Formal party

Kids always love to have a party, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to teach them about manners and respect through this activity. Invite their friends to a party and teach them some basic manners of socializing. Whenever possible, tell your kid to say please and thank you when asking for a drink or food.

Continue to encourage them to be polite around the dinner table when their manners are most likely to be noticed at this point.

7. Scavenger hunt

It is an exciting social skills activity for kids. This hunt provides an excellent opportunity for children to collaborate as a team in order to solve the puzzles. In this activity, kids have to find out particular objects and solve the puzzles. By working together to achieve their goal, they learn the importance of cooperation, planning, and making wise decisions.

8. Expression games

This activity will help your kid to learn social skills through the use of facial expressions and body language. It is possible for children to be confused by the meaning of a specific gaze. But playing mimicking games,

kids will learn to understand the meaning of different facial expressions. Plus, they can figure out that what the other person is feeling or trying to say. The ability to understand facial expressions helps children with social issues, and they feel more comfortable in different situations.

9. Decision-making games

Making a decision is one of the most important social skills. So it is necessary for you to teach your kids about decision-making from an early age. Kids can learn about decision-making through different games like musical chairs, Tic tac toe, Pick up sticks, etc.

These games are beneficial for children who struggle with indecision because they encourage the child to make a choice, even if it is not the best choice the first time. It produces lower outcomes and encourages kids to attempt again if they make blunders.

10. Community gardening

When compared to other social skills activities, community gardening is quite different and unique as it teaches kids about how to take care of living things. The kid’s social skills could be improved through cooperative gardening.

Gardening with others improves social competency by encouraging your kids to take care of things and learn responsibility. This activity also allows children to spend time outside, which can be beneficial for their overall health.


Above, we have briefly explained the top 10 best social skills activities for kids, which will help your kids to learn some basic social skills. All you have to do is organize these activities that will encourage and motivate your kid and helps them to express themselves more creatively through social interaction.


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