Sponsoring a Child: Best Child Sponsoring Organizations

Children are delicate creatures. They need care and look after many aspects of life. Sponsoring a child is the use of all the plans and procedures required for the welfare and uplift of the children.

Sponsoring a Child
Sponsoring A Child

Child sponsorship is popular throughout the world nowadays. Hundreds of welfare organizations sponsor children all over the world. These organizations plan children’s welfare programs and provide funds for health, education, food, and shelter of the children. This article enlists the best child sponsoring organizations globally.  The main concerns of the children’s welfare sponsorship relate to health, education, food, shelter, and social security.

What is Child Sponsorship?

Sponsorship programs for child welfare comprise almost all the fields of interest about children. Child sponsorships arrange funds and other physical needs to bring up the children in parallel with other citizens. Numerous individuals and organizations sponsor children all over the world.

The major focus of child sponsorship is the provision of food and shelter to poverty or disaster-affected children. Then the second important objective of child sponsor organizations is health or medical facilities. The third noteworthy concern of child sponsorship relates to the training and education of the children.

Top 7 Child Sponsoring Organizations

There are many organizations in the world that sponsor children locally or globally.  The following are the top 7 international organizations involved in child sponsoring activities at the world level. These are the best child sponsoring organizations in the world. The main facts of these organizations come as under:

1. Save The Children 

Founded in: 1919

Central Location: United Kingdom

Serving Area: All over the world

Sources of Finances: National and international donations from individuals and corporations.

Concise Description: It is a supervising organization serving the rights and welfare of the world. Under the supervision of Save the Children, 29 national organizations are working around the world in more than 120 countries. The organization coordinates the children’s welfare programs for direct and indirect services to the children globally. The organization works on four main objectives which are listed as:

1.To secure quality education for the children who suffer armed conflicts in any area of the world.

2. Provide emergency response services to the children affected by any disaster.

3. To expand and improve the welfare issue of the children.

4.  Raise a stronger voice for child rights through international coordinated operations.

2.  Children International 

Founded in: 1936

Central Location: United States of America

Serving Area: Helps children in combating poverty all over the world

Sources of Finances: Generous welfare contributions internationally

Concise Description: This organization has a world-class reputation for serving children. The organizations work on many efficient and intensive welfare programs for children. It focuses on children’s uplift in each and field of human activities. The following are some major objectives of the Children International organization:

1.  Save children from poverty menace and disasters

2. To educate children on standards of earning the livelihood with honor

3.  Protect children in the situations of epidemics or pandemics and other such health hazards

4.To assist the children in achieving their civic rights according to the laws of the respective countries

3.  World Hope International 

Founded in: 1997

Central Location: United States of America

Serving Area: Alleviating poverty and help children worldwide

Sources of Finances: Rich donations from local and international charity campaigns

Description: It is a famous organization of international repute. The organization serves people of all ages in general and children in particular. The organization plans extensive social welfare programs worldwide. The organization serves the children in many ways. Following are some major fields of serving the children:

1.Financial support in study and food security issues

2. Planning health provisions for the poor and needy children in periods of natural disasters.

3. Managing study centers for the education and training of poor children.

4. Child Fund International 

Founded in: 1938

Central Location: United States of America

Serving Area: All over the world

Sources of Finances: Charity and welfare contribution from worldwide wealthy individuals and institutes

Description: It is a source organization for many non-government and non-profit organizations. Child fund international support many organizations on the world level to initiate and run the children sponsoring schemes. It also supports the NGOs for launching extensive child welfare programs. This umbrella organization provides funds for the following objectives:

1.Education and training of orphans and poor children

2. Health insuring schemes for the children of slum areas

3. Building education setup for the deprived children of the society

5. Unbound 

Founded in: 1981

Central Location: United States of America

Serving Area: Worldwide activities through child welfare programs

Sources of Finances: Donations from advanced countries

Description: It is a reputed child sponsoring organization in almost all the fields of their lives. The organization works in all countries. It considers no geographical or racial boundaries while serving children. The organization plays important role in helping out the children during floods and wars etc. The organization chalks out many programs for children every year. The following are some major works of the organization:

1.Rescuing the children from dangerous areas

2.Providing the disaster affected children with the basic necessities of life

3. Educating and training the children without any discrimination

6. World Vision International 

Founded in: 1950

Central Location: United States of America

Serving Area: 90 countries of the world

Sources of Finances: Donations and charity from the wealthy citizens of the advanced country

Description: It is a visionary organization on the international level. It deals with multiple problems of the children the organization collects data of the poor and needy children from focus countries and then launches welfare programs accordingly. Though the major serving areas of the organization are found in the poorest 90 countries yet it works in other countries in case of any major mishap or disaster. The major objectives of the organization are as under:

1. Helping poor children in matters of food and shelter

2. Running hospitals and dispensary for the health-related issues of the targeted children

3. Launching training programs for the children to enable them to learn their livelihood with honor and respect

7.  Compassion International 

Founded in: 1952

Central Location: United States of America

Serving Area: 25 countries across four continents

Sources of Finances: Donations from wealthy people around the world

Concise Description: The organization serves the poverty-stricken children of the world. It provides the children with quality education, medical aid, food provisions, and training services. The organization helps out the children in emergency situations. The organization tries its best to fulfill the following objectives:

1. Provide food security to the children of the poorest areas in the world

2. To give sufficient health and medical facilities to the children

3.  Educate and train the children for good living standards

4. To assist the children in an emergency or disaster

In conclusion: The important tasks of these organizations include health cover and academic set up for poor children. The organizations extend their sponsorship programs in all the countries. In executing the sponsoring activities, these organizations keep no differences between races and religions. They extend funds and other resources for sponsorships without the discrimination of caste or color.

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