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Classroom Decoration Ideas

Best Classroom Decoration Ideas for kindergarten

Classrooms decoration ideas: Classroom decoration ranked high learning places in civilized societies. They play an important role in a child’s learning process and development. Humanity focuses on the role of classrooms in history. A Short History of Classroom Decoration In the ancient civilizations of Roman, Greek, and Arabian origin, the Read more…

Kindergarten Teacher

Top 10 Qualities of the Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten literally means garden of kids’. It is an education system for young children age 3 to 6. The kindergarten teacher is the backbone of this education system. This system was firstly introduced in the USA. kindergarten education system comprises such methods, activities, and skills which are necessary for the Read more…

Qualities of a Good Teacher

10 Best Qualities of a Good Teacher

Qualities of a good teacher: Every teacher wants to become a good teacher.  The question arises here what makes a good teacher? The teacher plays multiple roles in the classroom such as observer, listener, planner, communicator, collaborator, interpreter, provoker, researcher, instructor, facilitator, and learning partner. Therefore, governments and schools must Read more…