Top 10 Team Building Activities for Kids To Promote Teamwork

Team building activities are the facilitation of skills that help the kids to work with harmony and unity and it is a continuous process that keeps the kid involve and attentive.

Team Building Activities for Kids
Team Building Activities for Kids

Team building is a skill to work collectively and give the best outcomes that help to promote ineffective communication in children at an early age and it is the bond between the team members which could help in organizing a more learning environment where the members work with and lift each other.

You will find here, many teamwork games and activities for kids are the best way to teach them the values of teamwork as through this, kids will come up with more team-building ideas.

Benefits of team building 

The importance and benefits of team-building activities can’t be denied, especially for kids. A major portion of learning through these activities leaves a long-lasting impact on the mind and personality of the kids. They enjoy the process and learn simultaneously.  The following are the top benefits of   team building activities :

1. Learn to Communicate

Team building activities help kids with effective communication. They learn to communicate with their peers during games and activities.

2.  Improve Listening

Team building activities help the kids in listening as there are several kids in a group and every kid has their own opinions or thinking which they want to tell so, in this scenario, the skill of listening develops in a child.

3. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is another life skill that they learn in team-building activities. The kids may be trapped in a situation where they have to escape so in this case they discuss and try to find the solution to a problem.

4. Creative thinking

Through team-building activities, children learn to think with creativity as the situation can be unique for them and they come up with different ideas like for playing or anything. So, from this, they think creatively.

5. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the most important skill for kids. Kids are mostly shy when they are in a new environment or with strangers. Through these activities, they became comfortable with other kids and participate in activities and this will increase their self-confidence.

Top 10 Team Building Activities for Kids

 Early childhood learning leaves a long-lasting effect. So team-building activities encourage the little minds to work with each other by finding different ways.

1.Picture pieces

Picture pieces in an indoor activity to complete a picture.  This is a fun activity of drawing and also includes working in a team.

For the activity, six to eight kids are required with the same quantity of square paper pieces. All you need is a picture of any king like a cartoon etc. and then cut it into pieces according to the number of kids.

Distribute the cut pieces of drawings to kids and tell them to draw the same portion of drawing on their square paper pieces. Give them a time limit and direct them to take a picture again by setting the pieces of their drawings on the floor altogether. This activity can encourage the kids for working in a team.

2. Categories

This fun activity is about the variations in the group that a group can be made up of different kinds of people with different opinions without stereotypes.

For the activity, fifteen to twenty kids should present and they divided into groups without any discrimination. Then, every member must share their likes, dislikes, and favorites with others. This activity will develop the life skill of communication. After that, divide the kids into groups according to their likes and dislikes which will give them a sense that everyone can be their team member and they learn to work without discrimination.

3. Build a tower

In the Build a tower game, the kids are supposed to build the tallest tower with books, blocks, or anything.

For the activity, ten to fifteen kids are required and divide them into groups. Direct the time of ten minutes and tell them to build the tower with different things. This will make them creative and also give them a sense of working in a team. The group who build the tallest tower in less time will win.

4. Color Dots

This teamwork game is to match the same color dot with the color of your dot without talking. This fun activity is about non-verbal communication and group movement.

For the activity, ten to twelve kids are required with the notes on their foreheads. Every note has a different color and the kids are directed to match the kids with the same color of their own without talking. This is the best fun activity to warm up the group by non-verbal communication.

5. Pass the obstacle with Blindfolded

This fun activity is about passing the obstacles blindfolded with the help of verbal directions from other group members.

For the activity, five groups of kids are required with three to four members in each group. One member of the group is blindfolded and the other members verbally communicate and direct the kid to pass the obstacles in the way. This activity will improve communication with peers and also make them good at listening. Make sure that the obstacles should be of soft things to avoid injury to kids.

6. Tug of war

This outdoor fun game is about pulling the rope by two teams on both sides.

For this activity, groups of five to six kids are required. Two groups can play at a time. Take a rope and mark the center point. Both the groups pull both sides of the rope with their fullest energy. The group who pull the rope on their side may win. This game is all about balancing and coordinating with the other group members.

7. Copy the sculpture

This is a problem-solving game which builds the kids’ mind about the thing in different perspectives in the form of a group. For this, the teacher will build a small sculpture or block tower and tell the kids to build the same as soon as possible in the form of groups. This will help children to learn in working as a team.

8. Follow the rules

Divide your class into groups of 5 to 6 members. Gave them a sheet of paper with instructions written on it. Set a timer and say them to follow the instructions at that time in a group. The instructions should be entertaining like make a craft piece, sing a song, etc. The group who do all the things first will be the winner.

9. Web making

The purpose of this activity is to tell them that they are connected without any distinction. For this, every student will stand in a circle and a ball of thread is given to a kid and he/she has to tell something about themselves. That can be a story or anything. Then throw the thread ball to the other kid and so on. At last, a web of threads will appear which shows the connectivity of all kids.

10. Clap and find

Clap and find is a really interesting activity for kids to build stronger team-building skills. In this, a kid will go outside the class or room and other kids will throw an object anywhere within the classroom. And the kid has to find that object. The class can’t help that kid but can give hints by clapping when they are near the object.

In Conclusion: Team building activities are an essential part of the future of kids. If they have teamwork skills then they can handle things in the future by working with harmony and dedication with group members. So, this is the best way to make the kids efficient in teamwork.

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