Top 10 Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

Thanksgiving activities build the ethical foundations for the character uplift of Preschoolers, and these activities visualize them about the basic principles of social standards. Societies have some moral criteria for mutual coexistence.

Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers
Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

This mutual coexistence requires bases that set the objective for the social and moral highness of the children. Moral guidance is the fundamental responsibility of the parents towards their children, and thanksgiving activities are the source for the provision of this moral guidance. Here we enlist the top ten best thanksgiving activities for preschoolers.

Each activity tells you the basic theme and structure of the thanksgiving pattern, along with the main activity arrangement points.  Kids will enjoy their presentations of these thanksgiving activities.

Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

This article will help the parents to manage various thanksgiving preschool activities regarding the social training. These activities have pleasure posing stances as well as the learning interests for the early learners.

1.  Thanksgiving Tree 

It is an excellent thanksgiving activity designed for preschoolers, and this activity may include the whole family. This activity has a good start. It does start with remarks of gratification. The preference of the activity runs about a tree. The tree has pleasant traces of thanksgiving themes displaying on the leaves with pretty sensations.

Activity Arrangements: You can produce this family loving activity in the following way:

  1. Put a fresh branch in a pot and adjust rocks all around the branch.
  2. Cut certain leaf structures from the construction papers of various colors.
  3. Write different thanksgiving messages on each leaf.
  4. Get imaging so many things that God has given you.
  5. Trace these pretty ideas and images for presenting on the tree stem.
  6. Involve the people around you in sharing the thanksgiving messages.

2.  Paper Plate Boat 

It is a lovely thanksgiving activity made for little kids. It is a popular activity among the little learners. The activity also allows you to grab different prints to make your paper boat the most interesting thanksgiving stock. Thanksgiving messages on the boat reflect pretty greetings with shining colors and harmony.

Activity Arrangements: We can make a fine thanksgiving paper plate boat with the following procedure:

  1. Find a paper plate, different paints, straws, glue, cotton ball and construction paper.
  2. Make the bottom of the paper plate like a boat and paint it brown.
  3. Sharpen three sails of the boat and make proper slits.
  4. Give shapes to the sails in different colors with a cotton ball at the center.
  5. Attach thanksgiving messages strips on each sail with glue
  6. Put the paper plate boat into a lawn water pool or a big tub.
  7. The boat sails and avails the thanksgiving messages to the persons around.

3. Geometric Turkey 

Children like to present geometric turkey as a thanksgiving gift. With some shapes requiring little adult skill to create, toddlers can assemble their colorful turkey and decorate. Children can construct 2D or 3D turkeys with some cards, straws and colors. Geometric turkey becomes the most beautiful thanksgiving object after suitable decoration.

Activity Arrangements: Here are the most basic procedure steps to construct and present a geometric turkey:

  1. Gather some cards and colors from various available resources.
  2. The cards may display different geometric shapes.
  3. Join the cards together with gum solution or adhesive tape.
  4. Erect and attach straws at proper places to give full geometric patterns.
  5. Affix the whole body parts in the symmetry of sides.
  6. Paint the patterns in attractive colors for the whole body.
  7. A graceful, thanksgiving geometric turkey is ready to present.

4. Play Pumpkin Pie 

This preciously perfuming felt fake food is a perfect thanksgiving present. Little hands of the children will enjoy playing with this food like play pumpkin pie. It is an easy to run activity. It can be presented as a thanksgiving object during almost all the seasons—children of all the ages like playing with it. Play pumpkin pie is a play worthy thanksgiving gift.

Activity Arrangements: Following are the important steps for preparation of a play pumpkin pie:

  1. Take a suitable quantity of flour, salt, cream, pumpkin pie spice and other accessories.
  2. Mix up all the ingredients together with the processes of stirring and shaking.
  3. Pour boiling water on the mixture and mix well the material.
  4. Allow the mixture to cool down such that it becomes sticky.
  5. Turn the sticky material into a play pumpkin pie with the help of the hands.
  6. This play pumpkin pie is then ready to share as a thanksgiving thing.

5.  Handprint Turkey 

It is a fine as well as fantastic child craft for thanksgiving activities of the children. It brings possible a fun focusing thanksgiving opportunity for the early learners. The children find a two-way craft made up of a handprint along with the turkey. It is an important presentation for thanksgiving sharing among the children.

Activity Arrangements: Following is the procedure for creating a thanksgiving handprint turkey:

  1. Put in the paint trays the paints of different colors.
  2. Dip a child’s hand into the paints’ mixture.
  3. Get the print of the hand on a fine white card.
  4. Print some turkey shapes on a specific template.
  5. Cut out both the handprint and the turkey shape.
  6. Join the handprint with turkey on a selected pattern.
  7. You will have a fine thanksgiving handprint turkey.

6. Footprint Turkey

This is the best child fun skill for dealing with thanksgiving actions and occasions. It is on of the best thanksgiving activity the children. Hey, create the imaginary craft of footprint turkey by fastening the foot prints with a turkey model. This thanksgiving activity enhances the social interaction among the preschool children by giving and taking of footprint turkeys.

Activity Arrangements: Children may follow the following steps to prepare a footprint turkey:

  1. Pour the paints of three to four colors in a tray and mix well.
  2. Ask a child to put a foot on to the surface of the paint mixture.
  3. Get many prints of the painted foot on some white cards.
  4. Cut round these footprints with care in asymmetric style.
  5. Draw a fat turkey on a wide card with color markers and cut it out.

        6.Attach the footprints all around the fat turkey with the help of the gluing material.

  1. When it gets ready, the footprint turkey seems attractive for thanksgiving activities.

7. Colorful Sun Catchers

You can create colorful sun catchers with some cards, tissue paper and paints. These are easy to make and fine to present as thanksgiving gifts. All you need is some skills in color patterns. Artificial clouds around the rainbow turned sun catcher is a magic craft for children. Little learners like the sun catchers to visualize their fun and enjoyment.

Activity Arrangements: Here is the basic work scheme for making up a colorful suncatcher:

  1. Draw some rainbow outlines on the cardboard. Draw a rainbow outline.
  2. Then create a clear acetate shape on transparency.
  3. Cut out the rainbow from the transparency film.
  4. Prepare the paints for coloring purposes.
  5. Paint the rainbow in alternate circular stripes.
  6. Create clouds with fine white cotton on vessel brims.
  7. You will have a magic looking sun catcher for thanksgiving sharing among the preschool learners.

8. Heart Tree 

For thanksgiving activities, the heart tree is the best traditional stuff to present. Children like it much to make and share heart trees on thanksgiving occasions.

The heart tree resembles a common tree. Its leaves have heart shapes. Different attractive colors of the heart tree fascinate the children much. It is a creative activity that spurs fun and fantasy.

Activity Arrangements: Here, we provide the necessary steps for making a heart tree:

  1. Take some tiny plastic sticks of various sizes.
  2. Tie together the sticks with colorless threads to make a tree.
  3. Draw small heat shapes of different colors on the cards.
  4. Cut the hearts round and attach them to the tips and sides of tree branches.
  5. Fix up the tree on a hard green sheet.
  6. It is the ideal thanksgiving present for children to share among themselves.

9. Pumpkin House 

It is also one of the  best thanksgiving activities for preschoolers . To make pumpkin mousse, you will require simple ingredients like cream cheese, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin puree, heavy whipping cream, sugar, vanilla, etc. Begin the activity by mixing the cream cheese, brown sugar, and pumpkin pie spice. If you find enough time, then soften the cream.

Activity Arrangements: Following are the most basic steps that you will take in making a pumpkin mouse:

  1. Wash and dry the pumpkin, cut it in half, and remove the seeds and stingy pulp.
  2. bake the pumpkin halves in the oven until soft when poked with a fork.
  3. Add the whipping cream to a medium bowl and then beat with a hand until it becomes whipped and thick.
  4. Now, add about a cup of your whipped cream.
  5. You will have an attractive pumpkin mouse to present as a thanksgiving object.

10. Paper Plate Pumpkin 

The paper plate pumpkin is an attractive craft for preschool children. It is easy to make and easy to play or present. It requires a hard paper made plate, some tissue paper, and a glue stick to combine the things. Children will find it suitable for them to present a fake pumpkin on a paper plate. It is fun for the little learners.

Activity Arrangements: Here, we give some basic clues for preparing and presenting a paper plate pumpkin:

  1. Roll some papers in a pumpkin shape and color it to seem like a real pumpkin.
  2. Prepare a paper plate using a hard paper sheet of bright color.
  3. Spread a tissue paper of pumpkin color and place the pumpkin over it.
  4. Attach the pumpkin roll on the plate with glue to make it still during movements.
  5. You can cover the fake pumpkin with some tissues before presenting I to others.
  6. The paper plate pumpkin will display a fine thanksgiving gift of the preschool learners.


In the above lines, you find a lot about some famous thanksgiving activities for preschoolers. These are the best 10 thanksgiving activities for kids. These activities promote the stance of the kids for presenting something as a thanksgiving gift etc. Children learn their social responsibilities towards society.

Here we describe some famous and children familiar activities regarding the thanksgiving objective. Thanksgiving activities improve the dealing of the students with other members of society. We hope that this article will give you enough thanksgiving scope and spirit.

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