The Positive Influence of Parents on Child Development

If you want to know the positive influence of parents on child development and negative parents influences. Keep reading this article because here we are going to answer all such questions and willing to clear is your confusion related to parenting.

The Positive Influence of Parents on Child Development
Positive Influence of Parents on Child Development

Importance of Positive Parenting: The relationships we establish with people at some point determine our existence in the world. Therefore, it is very important to focus on one of the relationships that have a great impact on our lives that is the relationship between parents and children.

Some parents feel shocked and confused because they cannot understand how to maintain a firm position in the process of raising their children. Researches show the importance of the responsibility of parents about raising children, and about the methods and ways to communicate with children.

The positive influence of parents on a child development

The parents play a major role in growing the child’s personality. Of course, besides parents, society, in general, is involved in the development of children. However, it is unlikely that society will be able to completely replace the internal family system. After all, strange support is not comparable to parental love. Therefore, how a child grows depends, first of all, on the parent’s attitude.

Therefore, positive parenting has these positive influences on kids’ development that help to shape and develop the child’s personality. Let dive into details

1. Develop a sense of security

A healthy bond between children and parents reduces anxiety and stressful situations. In fact, trusting relationships, emotional closeness, hugs, words of love calm, support the child. Thus, it is in the family that the basic sense of security is formed.

2. Behavioral development

Children always copy their parents. In positive parenting, parents not only tell basic rules of behavior but also show their own actions as well.  If the verbally transmitted norms coincide with the actual action; it assimilates the pattern of parental behavior. Otherwise, there will be no complete picture and different variations in behavioral training are possible.

 For Example, Parents suffer from nicotine addiction, but the child is told that smoking is not allowed. Conflicting messages can lead to several options that he may think tobacco is not a dangerous habit and he may attempt to smoke that will lead to addiction training or many other things.

Thus, for the formation of the necessary pattern of behavior, it is very important that the parents ’words coincide with the actions.

3. Enhance knowledge and skill

Parents are the primary source of life experience, skills, abilities, and knowledge. The complexity of children’s horizons depends on the abilities of the parents.

Another positive influence of good parenting is that it helps the kid grow up in an educated family circle, where he or she is constituted to attend social and cultural institutions and events. Also, outdoor recreation with parents is important for skills development. A fully developed person is more likely to successfully overcome the difficulties of life.

4. Develop self-discipline

At first, the child is inactive and cannot interact independently with the environment. Yet, as they grow older, they learn self-discipline. Independence is based on acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. The child, with the help of his parents, begins to learn what can and cannot be done. And then understand how you can behave independently.

5. Install moral guidelines

Opinions, moral norms, attitudes are formed through family communication. The total development of the child is possible only when the family has a moral guide. It seems that love is the key thing for the development of the child. So positive parenting help in developing moral values and attitudes.

6. Negative behavior diminishes

With positive parenting, kids avoid negative behavior without being punished by parents or elders. When you focus with a positive attitude on unwanted behavior, then there left very little room for negative behavior.

A child feels more comfortable and he/she discuss their problem with parents in a better way that helps in avoiding bad behavior because the parent can lead them to the solution of the problems. Hence this is also a major influence of positive parenting on kids’ development.

7. Develop social behavior

The child looks at the relationship between family members. He sees how loved one’s conflict and deals with inevitable crises. It also learns to maintain intimacy in relationships in the most adverse circumstances. The dominant influence of positive parenting is that it helps in the development of social behavior, how to interact with society and family

8. Develops self-esteem and happiness

How much else, if not in the family, are the first rudiments of self-esteem? Indeed, self-assessment is done after assessing the actions of significant adults. Then, other people influence the development of primary self-esteem.

Thus, the family takes on the primary function like it affects the development of the child’s character form, behavior, attitudes, and values and transmits the vital experience of life as well.

Positive actions and communication leads to happiness and also help your kids develop a sense of self-esteem, help in developing positive behavior that even considers imperfections and opportunities for improvement than developing negative behavior and detracting from their self-esteem.

9. Stronger parent-child relationship

Another positive influence of parenting is the development of the stronger parent-child relationship. Positive parenting develops trust among kids and this trust creates positive interactions with parents otherwise negative interaction can cause mental health issues in the kid.

Positive and strong interaction is important to help your kid feel more comfortable and they ask questions as they get older. Most kids don’t like parents to interfere in their life when they are growing but they want parents to share with them the experiences of life and to communicate with them if they have positive parenting and thus helping in developing stronger parent-child relationships.

10. Strong communication skills

The primary focus is to find different ways to communicate with kids positively, Parents communicate in an action-oriented way instead of a harsh and negative way.

Thus, the other positive influence of parenting on kids is the development of more effective communication skills, because it is an important part of parenting.  Many parenting tips mainly focus on positive communication skills that can help in trusting relationships and how to talk to kids and encouraging your kids to talk about their feeling. Positive parenting can help to improve the communication skills of kids by reading books, eye contact physical contact.

The negative influence of parenting on kids

Kids with bad parenting are at more risk for their own relationships, trouble, aggressive and bad or negative influences

There are some negative effects of bad parenting

  • Negative self-perception
  • Rebellion /control issues
  • Emotional problems
  • Behavioral problems

Negative effects of parenting

It is natural to have different opinions and to argue on them when couples are living together. But to solve these disagreements peacefully is good. However, when these arguments turn into big fights, then it have very nasty impacts on kids’ .Thus, to know how parents fighting effect on kid’s development; here is the list of some negative effects of parents fight on kids

1. Become Aggressive

When kids observe their parents arguing and fighting about a problem, then they consider that it the only way to solve any problem hence they become aggressive.

2. Causes Emotional Distress

When parents fight in front of their kids it causes severe emotional distress, early anxiety, and other mental health issues in kids. They develop as an insecure adult with poor self-esteem.

3. Health Problems

Domestic violence causes many health problems and behavioral issues like phobia, headache, and trouble asleep in night. Therefore, parent’s fights have a severe negative effect on kid’s mental health.

4. Low Self Esteem

Shame, unworthiness, and guilt can cause low self-esteem in kids because of domestic fights and family issues. It will be difficult for that kid to grow in society confidently and he adopts unsocial behavior.

5. Unable to Concentrate on Studies

Due to parents’ fight, children can’t concentrate on studies because they keep fear of fight and anxiety in their brain. Also these fights cause memory loss. They can’t able to understand new concepts or remember things for the long term. Their academic progress weakens down day by day.

How to stop bad parenting

As parents have great impacts on their kids, good parents help their kids to grow as confident personalities while negative parenting can cause abnormal development and mental problem (including stress and depression) of their kids.

So following tips can help you for the healthy growth of kids;

  • Listen to your kids’ thought and problems
  • Provide them appropriate consequences
  • Don’t label the kid but label the behavior
  • Don’t stop or withhold attention
  • Let them mistakes
  • Show love and affection

Conclusion: This article discusses the Positive Influence of Parents on Child Development. Thus, a family is a close team, united not only by kinship but also by a spiritual one. Parenting always begins with adults understanding their own personality. All have flaws and weaknesses.

It is important to recognize and accept and to develop virtues. After all, the child, even if he doesn’t grow up as an exact copy, still pulls all the most important things from mom and dad. Also, don’t forget about healthy love and sensitive attention to the child. Confidential conversations every day, complete emotional contact will allow the child to become a confident person.

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