Top 10 Famous Museums for kids

Museums for kids: A museum is a place or a building in which things of scientific, historical, artistic, and cultural are kept and exhibited for other people.

Museums for kids
Museums for Kids

So the following are the top 10 museums for kids that kids can visit to increase their general knowledge.

Why visiting museums is important for kids? Nowadays kids waste their time watching videos and playing games on the smartphone. They lack physical activities and fall prey to many diseases like obesity, and mental fatigue. Kids museums are very interesting and kids learn new things and most importantly, they enjoy learning

Benefits of Visiting Museums

Kids should visit the museum as it adds to their knowledge. There are several benefits of visiting a museum we will only discuss a few of them:

  • Love for history

Most students find history boring because they are just reading books; they are not assuming the event that happened in history. Imagining the events can make learning interesting. Imagining will be very easy and convenient when kids are present in the museum.

  • Develop curiosity

The museum develops a curiosity in kids to generate different and new ideas in their minds. As every kid has to memorize the lessons of the school to pass the examination, besides this kids should also read different books to gain extra knowledge.

But kids don’t have the time or the mindset to read books. When they visit the museum, they gain knowledge without reading books and different ideas come to their mind and they come to know how different inventions came into being.

  • Give inspiration

The museum is an inspiration for kids as in the museum when they see and analyze inventions of different scientists an idea comes in their mind that one day they can also be a scientist and invent different things that can be displayed in the museum and kids like them will see it.

Top 10 museums  for kids

There are many museums in the world, but the top 10 most kid’s museums in the world are listed below.

1.American Museum of Natural History

It is located in New York City, USA. It is best for kids of 5-12 years to visit. It is equipped with modern technology. The exhibition on earth, space, moon, and impressive dinosaur fossils makes it the best museum for kids to visit.

2. The Strong National Museum of Play

This awesome museum is in space of 285,000-square-foot space in Rochester, New York. As all kids like games, kids love this museum. There are slides and game in this museum, which does not allow kids to leave until they are tired. It also contains a grocery store where kids can buy and learn much about nutrition.

3. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

As clear from the name it is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It also has a large area for exhibitions as well as a large area for outdoor physical activities. In this museum, kids can learn about dinosaurs and gain knowledge about histology, geology, and other things.

4. Chocolate Museum

This museum is full of knowledge about chocolate and is build in Paris, France. The main portion of this museum is divided into three parts: The first part consists of the 4,000 years old ancient cocoa, then comes the modern chocolate we know.

5. CosmoCaixa, Barcelona

This museum was renovated in Barcelona and was opened in 2004 for visitors. They educate visitors about the culture of sustainability. Entrance to the main area is free. It provides higher-level education and activities and is suitable for kids.

6. Children’s Museum, Brussels

It is located in Jadot Mansion. This is a children’s museum best known for wooden toys, creative settings and stages, and fun activities. It is best for preschool kids.

7. COSI (Center of Science and Industry)

It is located in Columbus, Ohio. It is located in 30,000sqm; it exhibits knowledge about the ocean and space. It has special things to develop learning such as a treehouse, a farm, and a water culture. In my view, it is the best kid’s museum for kids who want to learn about science.

8. National Museum of Agriculture

This museum is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Some people do not like agriculture because they think it to be old. This museum can catch the interest of the kid’s not only with its collection of tractors but they also show the travel of food from farm to the table.

They also show an exhibition on fish, water and most importantly the history of agriculture. This museum is best for older kids, as the kids of small age like to play and enjoy rather than learning things.

9. Seoul Children’s Museum

A trip to Seoul must add a trip to the children’s museum located in Seoul. It is a museum for kids of small age to visit. Located in a park it includes both indoor and outdoor activities. In the park, there are elements that enhance imagination and learning. Kids also play with friendly material and enjoy visiting here.

10. Santrallstanbul Energy Museum

Kids should know all about energy, so they will know it when they are taken to such places where they are able to know more. The ground floor is reserved for kids. Here kids can experiment with over 23 interactive exhibits to create their own electricity and much more.


Thus, we conclude that besides electronic devices there are many alternates, who can provide kids a better learning environment. When kids visit the museum also they are getting physical by walking throughout the museum and discovering new things. As a parent, you should take your kids to such places where they can learn about history and other inventions.

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