Where Can I Send My Troubled Child

This article tell you best places where you can send your troubled child. Trouble  is  reaction of the  undesired and unpleasant thing  that may continuously happen  in children. This troubling and disruptive  behavior  increases when parents and teachers don’t paly attention to  solve  their children’s problems.

Where Can I Send My Troubled Child
Where Can I Send My Troubled Child

This disturbing behavior makes them mentally unhealthy to suffering from disorders. So The troubling behavior is expected in teens, and the leading cause may social issues. They suffering the hooting and unpleasant behavior; that why they run out the school and become troubled.  These troubled children need  more parental support to deal and stand out in their social issues. The best way to help troubled children is to admit them to the best-concerned school that made them normal and happy.

 10 Best Places Where Can You Send Your Troubled Child 

Here the top ten places where you can send your troubled child for the proper counseling and treatment;

1. Michigan Boot Camp

They target troubled teens and help them in their critical situations. They offer a variety of therapy mainly, behavioral and psychiatric disorders. This boot camp provides a safe and satisfactory environment that helping them to relieve anxiety as well as getting specialized treatment with medication management and family therapy to fulfill their life with satisfaction.

Michigan boot camp help the children and providing treatment for several issues, including:

  • Behavioral Issues
  • Depression
  • Mood disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Equine therapy
  • Trauma therapy

2. Marvelous Grace Academy

It for the girls who are in depression and unable to survive with their family can join this academy for a better future. This academy provides the best counseling to your troubled daughter for a period of nine-month.  During this period, they  try to enhance your daughter spiritually and socially. Not only this, but they also provided a lot of mentorship programs that help your daughter in self-defense, physical well-being, life skill training, etc.

3. Military School In Mississippi

Military school in Mississippi is the best option for your troubled teen boy. The military school are responsible for enhancing self-confidence both physically and spiritually.

They operate all the students equally in a disciplined manner that will promote teamwork to overcome the fear. Because teamwork provides organized and equal opportunity for every student to express their point of thinking. Some main features of a military school in Mississippi toward their students are;

  •  Make them respected towards others.
  • Well, discipline routine.
  • Accountability for their actions.
  • Enhancing the leadership qualities of students.
  • Responsible citizen.
  • Devoted to self-improvement.

4. Therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen

This school is especially for teens that are struggling with their mental health and behavioral issues. They processed the academic as well as therapy programs to help them to out of anxiety and troubles. The therapy duration from 6 months to several years depending upon the roots of troubles in the child.

 When you admit you child in this school, your child becomes a part of a great caring and supportive community. These schools will provide the best counseling to your children until they understand their responsibility and overcome their emotions.

5. New House Academy

This is the best academy for the child to motivate and prepare them for their future. They need to know the best way through which they can get success and made their life better. The main aspects of Newhouse academy are to make children;

  • Respectful to others
  • Integrity
  • Aspiration
  • Best future skills
  • Best academic record

6-Riverside Military Academy:

Military schools are the best option for troubled boys; because these are value-based and have the potential to train the students strongly. The military is also on high recommendation due to their ideal grooming and to overcome the troubling behavior.

Their child seeks self-control like emotions, fear, as well as enhance the leadership abilities. They push to realize their potential and learn to lead.

7. Shepherd Hill Academy

Shepherd hill academy is the best boarding school for troubled children. They are offering the best therapeutic residential wilderness program as well as academic learning outcomes. Their complete process helps the troubled child to move back home and develop the ability to face social issues.

The best thing about this academy is that they also offer the workshop for parents on monthly bases. The counseling of troubled children is individual-based or group-based will depend on the type of troubled child.

8. Allegany Boys Camps

This camp is for nine to fifteen years old struggling boys, and they are offering the best counselors and a team to understand their problems. They treat the troubled child towards their emotions, spiritual, and behavioral wholeness.

9. Mountain States Children Home

This place is also offering the best counseling for a troubled child. They accept the children from an abusive environment, neglect, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, or struggle with anxiety regulation, including disrespectful behaviors.

Mountain states children’s home tries to provide the best healthy environment to struggling children from 7-12 years old. Before admitting, they seek to interview the troubled child and suggest the best counselor for them.

10. Shenandoah Baptist Academy

This academy offering the best learning outcomes to help the students for their future. They are providing high comprehensive programs as well as spiritual practice. The different thing of Shenandoah baptist academy is that they focus on the individual mentality of students in learning and try to polish them in that manner. The other main point of this academy is that they enhance the students spiritually, physically, as well as classically.


The troubled teen needs more attention as compared to the normal child. They struggle with their mental health in which they need a good environment that makes them happy and relax. For this, you should have to choose the best place for them.

Never let down the counseling in the middlemost. It can make your child more abrupt and depressed. After the recovery, develop friendly behavior with your troubled teen.

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