Top 10 Free Word Games For Kids

The kids word games are important tools of the learning process. Knowledge originates from speech moves and words give sense to the speech moves. Thus words are founding blocks of education structure. Kids become acquainted with the things around them through words.

Best Free Words Games for Kids
word games for kids

Children gather words in their memories to streamline their knowledge and learn these words at home from their parents and other family members. When they reach school, teachers try to teach the students various things with the help of words.

The children also learn different words from the surroundings of schools or homes during their outdoor activities. The learning of the words becomes easier for the early learners through word games. Word games are an interesting source of learning for small children.

Importance of  Kids Word Games

Kids like word games and they learn a lot through the playing tricks of word search games. These games attract the kids to learn their lessons at ease in playing modes. Word games focus the kids on their studies in easy tracks and traces. These games develop the liking for reading and writing among the children. Through word games, children accompany each other in learning competitions. Different word games contain small toys that equip the little students with using toys in their lessons.

Following are five important reasons that recommend playing word games for the children:

  1. Word games use plenty of new words that increase the vocabulary of the children.
  2.  Kids word games improve the concentration of the early students through interesting word moves.
  3. Word games serve as playing resources for the children, which help them in releasing the study stresses.
  4.  These games are interesting tools of the learning process, so they keep the children happier during their study.
  5. Word search games use mental approaches for playing procedures which enhances the cognitive ability of the kids. 

Top 10 Best Free Word Games for Kids

The following are best word games free for kid:

1. Wordscapes 

  • Availability: You can access the game on android or IOS on the following internet sources:
  1. Apple App Store
  2. You Tube
  • Publisher: People Fun
  • Playing Age: Children of 5 to 10 years
  • Size of File: APK file size is 82.8 MB
  • Concise Description: It is a fantastic word video game created for early learners in the USA and the world. The game contains word shapes and structures to help the study requirements for the learners. Teachers or parents can guide the little students in setting the game options on different patens of play.

2. Bonza Word Puzzle  

  • Availability: This word game is available on the following online sources:
  1. Apple App Store
  2. Google Play Store
  • Publisher: Mini Mega
  • Playing Age: Children of 6 to 13 years of age
  • Size of File: 57 MB 
  • Concise Description:  It is a modern type of crossword game. The game contains puzzles modified on a daily basis. The children like the pleasing playing tricks and attractive designs of the word game. The game also provides options to generate your puzzles with your friends.

 3. Alphabet 2 

  • Availability: This word game is free to access on the following online sources:
  1. Google App Store
  • Publisher: Cadev Games
  • Playing Age: Children of age 3 to 10 years.
  • Size of File: 15 MB 
  • Concise Description: It is a real word consisting game of first order. Based on alphabets, the game keeps expansions and corrections of words and definitions. The children can paste words with alphabets on the word staircase in this word game. It has 22 levels of playing capacity and difficulty. 

 4. Wordament

  • Availability: This word game is available on the following platforms:
  1. Google Play Store
  • Publishers: Microsoft Corporation, Xbox Game Studios
  • Playing Age: Children of age 5 to 13 years.
  • Size of File: 242 MB
  • Concise Description: This word game consists of a broad four-by-four matrix of English alphabets. Children play the game to produce meaningful English words from the appearing letters. The duration of each game task is just two minutes. It is an interesting resource of knowledge for children.

 5. Crossword Puzzle Redstone

  • Availability: This multiple serial crossword game is available on the following online resources:
  1. Apple App Store
  2. Google Play Store
  • Publisher: Redstone Games
  • Playing Age: Children of age 4 to 12 years.
  • Size of File: 241 MB
  • Concise Description: Redstone crossword puzzle is a multiple portions and levels-based game. It is a serial game on the play of words for the children. There are options for the children to play the game with various formats of the words in cross patterns. 

 6. Type Shift 

  • Availability: You can access this word game in the following online sources:
  1. Apple App Store
  2. Google Play Store
  3. Ming Games
  • Publisher: Zach Gage
  • Playing Age: Children of 5 to 12 years of age
  • Size of File: 93.08 MB
  • Concise Description: It is a puzzle pairing video game designed on wordplay. The player has to spell out the various constituted words by switching words from columns to rows and vice versa. There are many key words in the game for guiding the students on a specific trend of knowledge. 

 7. Word Cookies 

  • Availability: It is a serial package of games available on the following internet resources:
  2. Google Play Store
  3. Apple App Store
  • Publisher: Bit Mango, Inc. 
  • Playing Age: 5 to 12 years old children.
  • Size of File: 454.11 MB
  • Concise Description: It is a group of games relating various word puzzles in additive tracking. The puzzles in the game set so many challenges for the students to solve and win. The game helps build up the vocabulary and spelling proficiency for the little learners in a playing mode. 

 8. Sticky Terms 

  • Availability: It is a famous word game available on the following internet resources:
  1. Google Play Store
  2. Apple App Store
  • Publisher:  Philipp Stollenmayer
  • Playing Age: Children of 4 to 10 years of age
  • Size of File: 59 MB
  • Concise Description: It is the most modern game for early learners. The procedure of the game intakes the joining of the letters to form the words. This game also sticks the translation of the words in other words from English.

 9. Letterpress 

  • Availability: This word game is available on the following online sources:
  1. Apple App Store
  2. You Tube
  3. Google Play Store
  • Publisher: Solebon LLC
  • Playing Age: 3 to 9 years old children.
  • Size of File: 267 MB
  • Concise Description: This unique word game allows the students cum players to set the game pace and level independently. One player completes some words in a given time, and the opponent has to surpass the word count for success. This game has attractive designs and features. 

 10. Scrabble Go 

  • Availability: This specific word game is obtainable on the following online sources:
  1. Apple App Store
  2. Scrabble Dictionary and Scrabble
  3. Google Play Store
  • Publisher: James Bruno
  • Playing Age: 3 to 10 years old children.
  • Size of File: 221.13 MB
  • Concise Description: It is a word game for two to four little players. The game board displays a grid of squares. The squares allow you to paste words in crossword patterns. The competing players try to put more words in the grid in the least time with appearing letters. 

In conclusion: This article helps you to find top 10 word search games free for kids. The selection of the games owes the interests of children for the games. These word games also intake the important learning objectives for early learners.

The word games will really attract the students to master the difficult lessons in a playing mode. The article has the dual objective of knowledge and entertainment. Various subheadings under each word game highlight the major concerns of the game.

These subheadings include the access or availability of the game from online sources. Then it gives the number of players engaged in the word game. Furthermore the article tells the age level of the children to play it. Then the article informs you the playing language of the game.

Lastly, it mentions the file size of a particular game to play online or download. The parents and teachers can draw sufficient support from this article for their children and the students. It will help them the best word game for a specific learning motive.  

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