Top 10 Easy Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga poses are essential in the training of the kids. It improves the kid’s mental and bodily powers through exercises. Yoga can be adopted as a way of life for long success and security and it helps to beat diseases in young and old ages.

What is Yoga?

Easy Yoga Poses for Kids
Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga’ is a word of Sanskrit meaning ‘to unite’. In basics, it refers to the union of body and mind in building human strengths. The art of Yoga originates in India a few centuries ago. It is an art, fun, and a set of skills at the same time. 

Poses of Yoga were used for spiritual uplifts through the focus of minds. A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. Yoga serves best the cause. Here are the 10 best yoga poses for kids to improve physical and mental health. 

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga is pleasurable as well as a skillful art and it has great importance in the field of exercise.  Yoga provides relief from stress. It cares about the practitioners in maintaining sound health. Kids have multiple benefits of Yoga. Following are the most useful benefits of Yoga for  kids :

  • Yoga reduces stress and anxiety in children.
  • It improves the span of memory and attention.
  • It promotes almost all the mind activities.
  • Yoga helps the children in managing the smartness of their bodies.
  • It develops self-loving and self-caring traits in the children.

Top 10 Easy Yoga Poses For Kids and How to Do

There are several types of Yoga poses. Many pleasing and gifting yoga poses for kids are on view these days all over the world. Here is a precise list of the top ten yoga poses for kids. These have been selected through a vivid consideration of the needs of kids at present. These exercises support the parents and teachers in teaching yoga to the children.

1. Bowing  Pose

Bowing is a rewarding way of life in plenty. A bow is an act of servitude. In a bowing position, the flow of blood increases towards the brain areas. It is a basic pose of starting Yoga exercises for the children.

 How To Do Bowing Pose

Following is the procedure for executing this Yoga exercise:

  • Lie flat on your belly
  • Keep out arms with upturned palms
  • Turn knees and bring feet near the head
  • Lift up the chest taking a deep breath
  • Turn back the arms to hold ankles

2. Bridge Posture Pose

To be a bridge is readiness for struggles in life. Yoga prepares the kids for helping others with their strengths. This pose of yoga is beneficial for the ribs and spine. The readiness of the brain increases via the spinal cord.

 How to Do Bridge Posture Pose

Following are the key steps for this Yoga posture:

  • Lie down on your back
  • Turn knees keeping feet flat on the ground
  • Keep arms alongside with palms facing down
  • Touch heels with fingers from the back
  • Push the chin into the chest
  • Lift the back from the ground pressing it up
 3. Chair Choke  Pose

The chair is a stand for resting upon the burdens of life. Sitting in a chair shape strengthens the muscles of the legs. This pose also supports the children in balancing their bodies. It is the best Yoga pose to learn and act.

Method of Chair Choke  Pose

Following are the key points for doing this yoga pose:

  • Stand out in a seated position
  • Raise the arms up in front of you at 45 degrees
  • Get under the arms in a sitting posture
  • Make sure that your palms don’t touch the seat

 4.  Musical Dots

Many thinkers consider music as food for the mind. Musical dots improve the focusing abilities of the eyes and ears. It also brings up the inner abilities of thinking and observation. This Yoga pose makes a child more attentive and receptive.

How to To Do Musical Dots Pose

Following is the procedure for this Yoga exercise:

  • Cut out circles on different color papers
  • Write names of Yoga poses on circles
  • Play out some fun music on a device
  • Turn around the circles until the music stops
  • Pick up a circle near you as soon as music runs off
  • Keep continuing the exercise as long as you pick up all the circles

 5. Lotus Lining  Pose

Lotus seems to provide a vast field of passing life as a flower  and lotot is the widest flower found anywhere. This Lotus lining Yoga makes the children broad-minded and wise. Wisdom strength is the result of it.

Method of Lotus Lining pose

Here are given the key steps for this Yoga pose:

  • Sit on the floor with stretching legs
  • Bend the right knee to bring foot near the left elbow
  • Try bringing left knee with right elbow
  • Bring hands close in a prayer position
  • Swing hands back and forth to open the hips

 6. Boat Rowing Pose

Rowing the boat is the best fun for many of us. Children like posing a boat. They pretend to row on waters with this exercise. Arms and joints get power from this act of Yoga. It trains the kids in knowing the work of rowing.

 How to Do Boat Rowing Pose

Following are the major steps for this Yoga pose:

  • Sit with back along with a tall support
  • Have the legs bend a little in front of you
  • Place the arms straight out
  • Balancing bottom, raise the feet off the ground
  • Move the feet back and forth gently

 7. Dolphin Drake Dose

Sealife has many things to learn for children. Dolphin pose gives them an attractive stance of thrilling. This exciting act nourishes the little minds of kids with innovation and strangeness. They learn a lot from this Yoga pose.

Method of Dolphin Drake Dose

Here are the key steps for this Yoga pose:

  • Lean down in a push-up position
  • Bring forearms touching the ground
  • Keeps your elbows right under the shoulders
  • Gently lock together the fingers
  • Keep your hips and knees off the ground

8. Lion’s Breath Train Pose

The lion is a symbol of power and strength. Lion-like breathing helps the kids in pushing up their body strength. It also helps in setting the stability of the mind. It generally empowers the lungs and increases the oxygenation of blood.

How to Do Loin’s Breath Train

Following are the procedure for this Yoga trick:

  • Sit on the ground with a straight back
  • Turn in the knees to join the heels
  • Keep palms flat on the ground in front of you
  • Bend the head back
  • Breath long with a wide-open mouth

9. Eagle Flying  Pose

Birds have the skill to fly. With eagle flying posse, children learn to go high in life. Posing like an eagle helps the children in stretching their muscles. This stretching pose picks them up with a solid body and a sound mind.

Method of Eagle Flying Pose

Following are the key steps for this Yoga Pose:

  • Stand right with the body leaning outwards
  • Stretch up the arms high in front of you
  • Try to stretch up the pushing chest out
  • Toe the ground and pose like a flying eagle

10. Road Runner Pose

This is the racing pose to enclose the total capacity of mental and body strengths. Standing and posing like a runner prepare a kid for constant carefulness of life. With runner pose, a child learns to tip a race first.

How to Do Road Runner Pose

Following are the key steps for this Yoga pose:

  • From a standing position, bend the waist
  • Place both hands down with fingertips touching the ground
  • Take a big step back using the left leg
  • Keep this position for a few seconds and then repeat the pose on the other side

In Conclusion: There is a list of yoga poses for kids. The following yoga-type poses are easy to execute and fit for people of all ages. Hence it is advised that make Yoga a way of life. It will certainly serve you in facing the hardships of life. It will also ensure the prime focus of learning and safe earning over the whole span of an active life.


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